Homemade OW

  • Possibly the original Onewheel? From 2008..https://youtu.be/VdZrk7s--4E

  • Someone asked that during the Kickstarter campaign. FM responded that it was someone else.

    But that video from 2008 will qualify as prior art for patent purposes (ie making it impossible to patent a one wheeled board with a balancing mechanism like that).

  • I'm not an attorney, but the prior art provisions in US Patent law changed in 2011. My understanding is that it now mostly doesn't matter who invents it, and whoever files for the patent first now wins it. And, if that sounds to you like it totally screws inventors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses in favor of big corporate campaign contributors who have the resources to patent everything, well, I'd have to agree with you.

  • I believe FM has stated their patent is in regards to this form factor with the motor in the hub. I know there are other self balancing patents but I believe those were specified as powered by a motor not in the wheel hub. That's my guess anyways.

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