Adroid App??

  • Sense we don't have the Android app and I will never own an Apple product, what are my options to upgrade the firmware and change the settings and do any of the functions the Iphone OW app gives you?

  • You can buy a used iphone 4s for pretty cheap and sell it after the android app comes out. Or you can borrow someone's newer, iphone, ipad, or ipod touch to install the app and do what you need. After the app is installed it connects real quick even the first time and you can do what you need. If you change into exteme mode the board should stay in that mode through recharging and power cycles. I think there are a lot of owners that manage without the app though as an ios user I can tell you the app is really nice if for nothing else keeping tabs on battery level.

  • I just went an bought an Ipod Itouch 5th gen. cheap on craigslist

  • Same boat, ended up buying an iPhone 4s. Was cheaper than the iPod..

  • Just make sure it is an iPhone 4s or better. The regular iPhone 4 doesn't work with the software.

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