How would you think about a greater range ?

  • Hello I wanted to know if you would like to have a greater range or if you think that the range at the moment is enough?

  • I would really prefer a greater range when if i bought it .

  • I'd really like greater range, but having the recharge time as short as it is is also important.

    A software shape that's an Economy Mode would be a relatively (i.e. no hardware product changes) easy way to get this.

    Another way would be to increase the battery size, or offer an optional expanded battery or hot swappable battery.

    Another way to get this would be an auxiliary battery pack that plugs into the charging port; software enable charging while riding and clamp the pack on the upcoming fender. That way you could remove the pack for reduced weight/bulk or attach it for better range.

  • I would love more range, I hope we can get a battery upgrade if they find a better power supply

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