Do you REALLY think that OneWheel is worth 2000 bucks ?

  • Hello I am saving ALL my money for a OneWheel at the moment and therefore I wanted to ask if OneWheel is it really worth I mean the range for example is pretty low... :+1: Thank you. I am really a fan of OneWheel but i am fourteen years old ...

  • It's well worth the price if you can afford it and you want to experience fun that isn't available in any other product. Yes, range can be limiting and if it's your first concern then you could look at a different product that will not be as fun but will go farther.

  • The range does suck at the moment, but battery technology is growing at an exponential rate. So hopefully we can get a upgarde battery in the future. But what you can do with a onewheel makes up for it than any other rideable .

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