Anyone interested in my OW for sale?

  • God I love this board... but I injured my ankle pretty badly last week (doing something else), and after thinking about it all weekend, I've decided I should try and sell it, since I won't be riding now for a few months, and I could use the money for something else that has come up recently.

    Board has everything, but is used. I can post pics. Asking 1550 plus shipping. Ultra charger and box included. Works perfect... if only my stupid ankle worked as well :-)

    PM me if interested. I'm in the LA area and would prefer local pickup with cash. If not, its going on eBay, so lookout for that too.

    PS - This was sooooooooo hard for me to decide to do. I hate lunch at work now, since all I used to do is ride....

  • Oh, and I'm doing training all day at work today, so I won't be checking this until later tonight... so don't think I'm ignoring anyone. Thanks!

  • Hi, I'm nearby and have cash. Could you send me some photos to check cosmetics? Don't want to waste your time, in case it's beat up. Is recharge performance OK? Do you mind if I inquire to support about the serial number just to make sure its not been in and out of repairs?

  • @utsu You should still get it, even if it is beat up. It will be beat up after the first week of riding it. These things aren't meant to stay pretty. You should definitely do the deal. They don't come up for sale too frequently, and when they do they get snatched up.

  • Here is a link to pictures of the board. It has some light scuffs from usage, but nothing major.

    A few people have messaged me, so please message me again if you are still interested after taking a look, thanks!

  • Thanks for the snaps- if you have other buyers ready to go at $1550, I think you should go for it. Let me know if you'd like to consider a slightly lower price than 100% retail and maybe I can take it off your hands.

  • Mine looked worse after 15 minutes :-)

  • @Polle said:

    Mine looked worse after 15 minutes :-)

    Same same :-)

  • How much warranty is left on your 1-year?

  • These things get scratched up pretty quickly. Within hours of using it. It's perfectly normal. I wouldn't let that hesitate anyone from purchasing it. OW has to be my favorite purchase in a long while!! I agree, other than straight from FM, these things don't come up for sale all that often.

  • Seems like the main indicator of condition would be mileage or battery cycle count. Dunno.

  • Hi all,

    Seems like everyone who has messaged me want to haggle the price down, so if you're interested PM me what you think is fair. Best reasonable price at the end of this week will take it, otherwise I will put it on eBay. Thanks!

  • Hi, we need more info on battery condition and how much of your warranty is left.

  • I'll be visiting an orthopedic surgeon on Friday to see what's going to happen to my knee (not onewheel related). So I maybe in the same boat as you, I feel for you man.

  • Haha, someone is downvoting my question posts in this thread. bizarre and hilarious.

  • @utsu Here I upvoted this one so you felt some love. haha

  • I up voted it too but not sure how the user can help you too much. What do you expect the seller to say? Battery is awful? Won't hold a charge? :confused:

  • @utsu if your really concerned about these thing just get your order in and wait. Probably very low risk buying used but much more risk than new. You should decide one way or the other and make your move.

    @loveToRide, when did you get your board?

  • @Franky Already bought one Franky! Looking for a second and third :) This one could be a good beater and good for the beach, but need some more info so I don't get stuck with a lemon out of warranty.

  • Just checked the app... there is no "battery health" or "odometer" reading. Guess it's not a macbook LOL.

    Only trip odometer is available. It apparently resets on power off.

    Does anyone know of a hidden menu that gives this info? Google search doesn't show anything.

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