Anyone received a fine or ticket yet???

  • I was "warned" yesterday on the South Beach boardwalk/beachwalk that I would receive a $100 fine if i was using that "thing" on the boardwalk/beachwalk. Since I live on the beach, minutes from the boardwalk, I found this seriously disheartening. I also have a background in law enforcement so naturally I went online and found the City of South Beach municipal code. Which specifically states no motorized self leveling devices on the boardwalk/beach walk or on ANY SIDEWALK!! Major bummer.

    Curious if anyone has had their wrist slapped yet?? I'm definitely going to risk it and claim stupidity...

  • @Joeman3519 Major bummer! I've been told by a couple of officers and Metro workers to walk my board when I was on the train platform, but they do that for skateboarders and people with bikes, too. I've never been warned I'd be fined, though.

    A group of us ride on the Santa Monica and Venice Beach boardwalk almost every Saturday, and we pass cops all the time without being hassled. We've even stopped and talked to them a few times... they were more interested in how it works than giving us a ticket. But those boardwalks are packed with every type of motorized and non-motorized pedestrian vehicle imaginable, it's where people go to ride whatever they have, as long as it's not gas powered or clearly endangering lives.

    I'd have to risk it as well if it happened to me, but I'm hoping it doesn't come to that!

  • That law of course is designed to keep those miserable Segways off the sidewalks, and who can blame them for that. If stopped on the onewheel the best defense I can think of is that its not really "self leveling" within the same meaning intended to apply to Segways (where any moron can just stand on the thing and it keeps them upright). The argument would be that its not "self leveling" within the meaning of the ordinance if the rider has to use their weight transfer between legs to keep themselves upright just like on a skateboard, otherwise they could call skateboards self leveling...

  • As a lawyer, your not going to win the leveling argument with the cop, the judge and with the intent of the commission argument that you are making. They did intent to keep fast moving devices off the side walks. The people that should be challenging these ordinances are the handicapped, because as these devices are now becoming mainstream there are self leveling wheel chairs that could be ticketed, wouldn't be. But technically should be. But this goes to the reactionary post I made a few days ago where FM should be dealing with, not city ordinances, but certain large scale issues, because stupid things like this become rules and technology advances then things that would be appropriately on the sidewalk are told they can't be, stifling the market for people movers.

  • @Joeman3519 looks like south beach is a bad place to ride. I'm not sure what the rules are in the broward (where I live :) parks) but I know the exploring areas are awesome and I know there is actually a big skate park as well. That is on my long term list. I have gotten kicked off the golf coarse where I live :) but that was also expected. I was going to start organizing something for south Florida soon. Still getting my riding skills down.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL yeah South Beach is really fun to ride and people watch so I'll probably risk it. There is a special provision in the City code for motorized devices that assist handicapped people so...I guess they foresaw the argument. I'm dying to try a golf course but haven't ventured out to one yet. I did find a stretch of beachwalk from 64th - 87th on Collins Ave. that gets used way less than the places I was riding yesterday so I'll probably ride there until Passover is done and everyone leaves...

    If you ever want to get a south Florida ride together let me know I'd be in.

  • I hope to set up lots of regular rides. And I thought it would be cool to do some charity events to. There is a major bike (motorcycle bike) event. They shut down 595 for - I think it's toys for tots one of those type things, we could get a group and ride, want to have people watch? I guarantee we will be all over the news... Could possibly make national. Now normally I would get a large fee for these type of ideas FM :) so, let's have someone jot this down toward by discount on the mark 2 board shall we? To be honest, getting people NOT to look at you is the hard part :) we totally need a t-shirt gun type device out of a back pack with those FAQ's on it, so you can just hit a button and blast a few at people as you go by. But, the reason I said the parks, is they have some cool terrain, and things like butterfly world, various degrees of off-road gradient hills all the things you see in the you tube videos. Places you can really open up the OW. I'm old. (41) and broken so I'm not doing stunts on concrete or anything, but, I do want to push myself to really learn to ride.

  • Ride with your lights off. That tends to help.

  • One more thought on the South Beach "self leveling" ordinance defense, if stopped I'd say to the cop, " my guest, if you can stand on this thing for 5 seconds without falling on your butt I'll happily take the self leveling ticket..." then if necessary have a short video clip ready on your phone of someone's totally spastic first Onewheel attempt. I'll bet no cop will ever take you up on it, and at most it will get you off with a warning, and at best it will get them off the backs of future Onewheelers to come. And one last thing that I've ranted about here before, if you're going to ride on populated sidewalks and pedestrian plazas, DITCH THE LIGHTS AND HELMET, it scares the heck of of people seeing someone coming at them decked out like that, and morally, if you're not willing to take the risk of riding without a helmet you have no business riding in crowded areas and subjecting non-helmeted pedestrians out minding their own business to a risk that you won't even take yourself. Keep up that kind of thing and we're guaranteed to see Onewheels end up being banned from the sidewalks everywhere.

  • @SeaP90d I'm not sure if it would work in your favor to prove to a cop that the Onewheel is more dangerous to ride than a typical self-balancing vehicle.

  • @thegreck Agree...trying to outsmart a cop whether right or wrong will 100% backfire on you. Be smart and always be a steward for OneWheel goodwill.

  • @Aswellie @SeaP90d That being said I am inclined to agree with you about your helmet argument. If you are riding through crowds and only willing to do so wearing a helmet then my assumption would be that you are going to be acting in your own self interest and not in the public's self interest. I ride around at low speeds around town without any pads (or lights) for exactly that reason. I only put the helmet on when I am going out for long rides where I am away from people and pushing the pace (and therefore my risk of wrecking).

  • Except, it's when your around people, that you need the helmet because when they do something stupid like jump out in front of you and you have to bail so you don't hit them and end up on your ass to save theirs.... That's the accident you need the helmet for.

    It's not driving by yourself you need the seatbelt for, it's the other assholes on the road... Oh, also. With the cop, don't try to be a jackass with them, or the warning will turn into a ticket or they will find something else to site you for like jwalking or being a jackass in public... You would be amazed at what you might be doing wrong at any given moment...

  • @Aswellie I would have to keep taking off my helmet and putting it back on during my commute, which is partly around pedestrians and partly wide-open sidewalk. When it's wide open, I'm going full speed and don't want to risk cracking my skull when I make a false move (like this morning, when my backpack caught on a bush... luckily I managed to stay on my feet, or on my feet and on my Onewheel).

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