QUESTION: You just received tracking! When did you order?

  • I think I've mentioned this before but just to show how stir crazy I was waiting for delivery....

    I planned to have my board delivered to my home rather than work which I have most things delivered to. But my wife told me she was going to be working at my company the day of delivery. I told her I planned on staying home that day at least until ups delivered but I'd see about changing delivery to work. So I went on the ups app and changed delivery to an address a half hour from home. After that ups tracking couldn't give me an eta so I was concerned it would be delayed because of the change. But it was in transit from CA and I was expecting it to work out. Anyway the night before my original eta I woke up at 2am and saw my package was still sitting in a neighboring state as if it was in limbo. I got out of bed and started calling ups and got someone who couldn't help me. She said when you reroute a package it can take extra days for delivery. I told her if I knew that I never would have done it. We went around in circles in the wee hours and I finally said goodbye. About 5am I saw it was again in transit heading to my state. And a couple hours later it was on a truck and got delivered before I got into work!

    Bottom line, I get it. And now I'm waiting for mine to get back from repair but the fact I had three amazing months of riding makes a huge difference.

  • I'm pretty disappointed.. They said 4-6 to me.. Then told me different twice.. 6 turned into almost 11.. Its Just not right.. If they sent me a t shirt or something I wouldn't be so upset.. Lol :)

  • To change the delivery window expectations to 4-6 weeks and completely miss it by a factor of 2 is unacceptable practice. if you're not confident; then don't set overly optimistic expectations.

    Frankly it seems like false advertising. ..if this is volume related then those who ordered at the 4-6 week window should receive within that window, and those who purchased afterwards should be given a longer window due to higher than expected demand.

    For everyone to be impacted meand the 4-6 weeks was never achievable in the first place.

    Anyways for me I simply cannot afford the $300 shipping to canada + customs which is likely another few hunder bucks..if ita not going to make my pickup window I'll have to cancel the order.

  • @rainynite

    I feel your frustration.. There is one on eBay for 1550$ shipped.. I've thought about getting a refund and buying it.. But I've waited 8 weeks, my luck it would back fire on me..

  • Hmm.. I have some cautiously optimistic this email today:

    "We are currently on schedule and will make sure your board is delivered before November 13th. You will receive shipping confirmation and tracking via email once the board is on it's way.

    Excited to get you on your board"

  • @rainynite dude. I ordered my board Sept 2nd and have received no such email. I'm definitely Happy for you but also pretty annoyed.

  • @Brutha-Man given everyone's experience on these threads I won't fully believe it until I see it. .. hopefully there will be a pleasant news for all of us. ..

  • @rainynite i would be willing to give up my shipping queue position for you man. i ordered on Aug 16th. not sure if this is possible, but would hate for you to miss out on your trip to us to pick it up. we can contact FM with our order numbers maybe and tell them to swap queue position (if indeed it would guarantee your OW delivery in time for your trip to USA)

  • @callenj357 same for me. Ordered 21 of aug. Go mail them now. FM - help him!

  • @callenj357 dude... i an sincerely humbled by your offer... you are in the same situation as all of us and to make this offer to a completely random stranger is very selfless of you. Where do you happen to live? I am torn @ accepting your offer as I don't need the board just needs to arrive before that week when I arrive. If indeed they can meet the commitment then I don't want you to lose out on 2 weeks of the experience on my behalf.

    Again ...dude...just the offer is very appreciated...

  • @rainynite seriously no worries man. i live in Melbourne Beach, FL. Not sure where you will be in the USA. A few weeks extra wait for me is no big deal, but for you it could mean missing your board delivery and potentially having to pay extra for shipping. So i am totally okay with giving up mine so you can get yours on your trip down. You can PM me and may email FM with our order numbers and CC me on the email.. and i will confirm that i am okay with it. Again not sure if they will do this.. but if it can guarantee your board when you are in USA.. i am all about it.

  • I ordered on 8/14 and received an email saying my board was complete and should be leaving the fulfillment center at the end of October.

  • @Yonkers Did they send you the notice, or did you write them? Was that news today? Thx

  • @callenj357 grab my spot insted, or atleast check if it helps. I already missed my weather window of riding. Its going to be dead cold winter before Ill get mine anyways ^^ you can atleast ride in less than snowboard gear :D

  • @Yonkers @callenj357 Hmm... given Yonkers' board is ready (i.e. October 8th) but not leaving the fulfillment center until the end of October (3 weeks?!?!)... and callenj got a message that his board will be shipped at the end of October as well... I have a feeling that they really do batch up their shipments in one big go.

    So there is a big chance that any swapping of orders makes no difference... if you are the poor sap who was first to order in the batch (e.g. #1 out of 50)... then you get to wait 10-11 weeks while the dude who ordered later (#49 out of 50) likely gets theirs in 4-6 weeks...

    EDIT: nevermind... this suspicion doesn't add up to the posts from @PhobicTribe's posts above (beginning of December)... geez this is f'n frustrating. Frankly more transparency would help them much more from a customer service perspective.

  • @BadWolf really appreciate that man. @rainynite if you want to contact FM and see if this is at all possible, then let me know. i can give you my email address and order number and then we can try to work it out with them.

    i am really digging the community that seems to be developing around OW and this forum. As soon as i get my board and find some great scenic rides (aside from the beach), i plan on organizing some central florida get togethers. i know some OWers are up in the Cocoa Beach area, which is in the same county as Mel Beach. They put together a great video of a ride near the CCB pier.

    (everyone on this forum is probably like me and sought out every video of OWs, but here it is just in case:

  • @rainynite they 1000% are shipping boards in groups of 50 or more.. So yeah if youre number 1 like me then you wait 10+ weeks.. Sucks

  • @ThatGuy that was news as of 10/7/15. I emailed them asking for a status update on the board since I ordered 8/14. Here is a copy of the email:

    I apologize we didn't give you more information on your order sooner. We had a slight delay with all production which moved all order shipments back a few weeks. The good news is your board has completed it's manufacturing and will be shipping at the end of the month from our fulfillment center!

    Stoked to get your feet on your board.

    Onewheel Team

  • @Yonkers

    Proof they ship in large numbers ..

  • That note says they competed building it, but they're going to take ~3 weeks longer to get it out the door. That makes so little sense I do not believe their words.

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