QUESTION: You just received tracking! When did you order?

  • @ThatGuy agreed.

    The company has honestly lost credibility in my eyes. Solid product but significantly less than stellar service. Ridiculous and unacceptable.

  • Received Tracking for return on the 6th, They said would ship Friday 9th and the ups would update - My tracking still says Order Processed ready for UPS - Anyone else who had sipping on the 9th not have their UPS update?

  • @eish I had the same Problem. I sent my board in for a repair, took a week to hear back from them. on the return I received a tracking number. It said it would deliver on wed. It never arrived, they created a label but never shipped. I sent a concerned email about my board getting lost on the way and they told me it didn't leave FM yet, so later on the day I received another tracking number. Very weird. so this whole shipping deal took 6 days

  • @Brutha-Man as a small growing company - production and logistics issues are not uncommon and based on the folks in this forum I think most would forgive. EXCEPT that they are neither upfront nor transparent about it. The early adopters have raved about the excellent service provided by FM... i would say that this reputation is going down the drain.

    I sincerely hope FM will take the time to be more transparent and open to the community that is supporting them. It's not the delays (albeit painful) that is frustrating everyone as much as how FM is responding to those problems (seemingly pretending they don't exist)

    @administrators @Future-Motion - please read this thread and see how everyone is feeling. Good service = Be transparent / give realistic expectations / meet those realistic expectations.

  • Agreed, it's matter of a good communication if we know what is going on!

  • @rainynite
    That make sense. I think it's a mixture of that. Then you'll see a random celebrity like Steve-O or somebody get it like a week after they ask for it. And then they put stuff like this out.

    12000047_10153726071278593_714216646_n.jpg 12063966_10153726071178593_517133769_n.jpg

    For the record, I don't hate the company or anything extremem like that. I just want my board. It's been long enough.

  • Those pictures sicken me... I was told 4-6 now im at 9+

  • @njcustom

    Are you in jersey? If so what part. I'm in Yonkers which is a 15 minute ride from the border barring traffic. If and when we get our boards we should go riding together.

  • I didn't receive my own board straight from FM as I bought it used, but I did order my fender from FM. When I tracked the fender I noticed FM's fulfillment center might have some strange shipping practices. I'm about 45 miles south of Santa Cruz, and San Francisco is about 75 miles north of Santa Cruz. Well my fender was shipped from Santa Cruz to San Francisco and THEN back south to my location. Although the fender reached me pretty fast, the route it took seemed inefficient. There is the possibility it could've been UPS's routing system for 2 day delivery, which I think I might have opted for.

    On a side note, I first glimpsed a OW on a bay area news segment a few weeks back, during which they said FM advised buyers place your order soon if you wanted one in time for the holidays. That's when I decided to keep an eye out for a used one. I really do think FM is getting swamped with orders and struggling with fulfillment.

  • @Yonkers yes I'm about 20 minutes from the Holland tunnel.. I'll hit you up when I get it.. Should be soon.. I hope lol.. I have a few good places here...maybe you have some spots to ride too?

  • I ordered mine August 11th. It's been 9 weeks and running on 10. They told me that my board was completed, but I would not receive it until the end of October. Pretty frustrating. Anyone get their boards recently?

  • I havent even heard mine is built :((

  • @BadWolf
    They only told me mine was built when I emailed and asked where it was.

  • FM just posted! They said boards will begin shipping end of the week!! Crossing my fingers..

  • @njcustom

    I haven't really been scoping out places to ride, I just want to ride it. I live in a pretty residential area with some parks to get use to the feel of it. I'm excited for the oohs and ahhhs im going to get from people as I'm zipping by.

    Where did you hear they were shipping at the end of the week? Hopefully our boards are in that que.

  • @Yonkers lol yeah I'm dieing .. Go to the forum home page and you will see a locked thread saying shipping update.. FM updated the post yesterday..

  • Sorry to hear about everyone's you have been assured multiple times by other board owners, it's definitely worth the wait. On that note, if anyone here is in the Miami Beach area and wants to take mine for a spin, let me know and I'm sure something can be arranged.

  • this makes sense re the new boards, but I sent mine in due to an issue, assuming it ships this Friday @Future-Motion and UPS will have had my board longer than me!

    I sent it on the 25th, they got it on the 28th, it was fixed on the 2nd before lunch, and I got ups details on the 6th saying it would ship on the 9th (I mean 1 week from fixed to shipped seemed long enough (where I last worked retail with online sales ups came daily (excluding Sunday/Weekend) to pick up orders)) but it still shows no change today!

    What makes it even worse is I emailed Sunday to find out why it hadn't updated and I still haven't heard back form them! I mean I don't expect instant replies but three days is a bit much! (I know there is still a bit of today left on the west coast so fingers crossed for an update later today)

  • @eish I hope they aren't slipping.

  • It seems like it's been a while since anyone received a board. Has anyone gotten a board or know someone who received their board this month?

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