QUESTION: You just received tracking! When did you order?

  • Ordered 23rd of august. Havent heard anything :(

  • I ordered Sept. 25th with 6-8 week ship estimate. After browsing thru everyone's posts, It's looking like I won't get mine till January? Very lame!

  • I ordered August 17 and will receive my board tomorrow. Over 3 months total wait.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Ordered 8/23 no news yet.

  • Got an update today that mine will be done in the first week of December with packaging and shipping to follow. With a little luck, looks like I'll get it before Christmas(fingers crossed).

  • @wdmtaj well?

  • got my two ow on Wednesday and ordered the on 12 August but then came the snow Thursday :(
    one works fine but the other can not go on . says that it is over loaded, I only did charge it for 5 minutes until it shone green.

  • Ordered Oct. 11. Pinged them last week and got this response:

    Thank you for checking in. Your board will begin it's production process in a few weeks and should be finished around the end of December. After it is completed it will be sent of to our fulfillment center for packaging and labeling and will be shipped shortly after. It is possible we will get your board shipped before the holidays but with our current lead time we must be fair and get those waiting longer shipped first.

  • @OD Hmmm... I guess that's not good for me. I ordered Oct 20th and was hoping to get it before Christmas.

  • Ordered October 13th and was hoping for a OneWheel Xmas present too...

  • To all that are waiting and frustrated, a lot of us were there once. I just want to reiterate what has been said in this thread. It is worth the wait, do not cancel! I have had my board one full day, spent many hours riding yesterday and i absolutely love it. Legs and feet are a bit sore today, but that will not stop me from riding as much as i can tolerate today! I also ordered a 2nd board! (my wife wants to try.. and if she does not stick with with.. i will have a backup board!).

    Also ordered some replacement bumpers. Already scraped my current ones up pretty bad. :)

    I spent several hours at a soccer field with very short grass. Great place to learn without hurting yourself when you push too hard and eat it. :facepunch:

  • I sent an inquiry at 8 weeks. They responded with a nice apology and an est. ship date. I sent a second inquiry when second est. ship date passed. They sent a nice response again and it did ship by the second est. ship date. From other responses it looks like squeaky wheel helped me out.

  • The only consistency with these guys has been giving false information when it has been requested, and the wait between ordering and receiving the product longer rather than shorter.
    I placed an order on August 31.

    After writing two emails at the beginning of Novemeber, I got the following reply:

    If all goes as planned your board should be shipping around the end of this month. I apologize this shipment will be a bit later then we initially expected - last month increased demand stressed one of our component suppliers which delayed shipments. We are happy too say we are now shipping again after a bit of a lull. This did however push production and shipment back a few weeks. We are catching up again and will get your board shipped as soon as we can!

    I wrote an email this past Thursday, and recieved no reply. I asked again on Friday, still no reply. After two emails today, I recieved this:

    Thanks for following up. We are still currently on track for your board to finish it's production at the end of this month. Once it is complete it will be packaged and on it's way. You can expect to receive your tracking by the second week of December (and possibly sooner)!

    We are excited to get your feet on your board.

    All the best,
    OW Team

    Again, these guys may have a great product.... But their customer service, and overall concept on how to correctly run a business is atrocious.
    "If" I get my tracking in mid December, it will put my wait at 16 weeks.... FOR TRACKING. I can get a fing car custom ordered in less time.

  • I just received tracking!!!! Ordered Sept 8!

  • I just received tracking today!!!! I ordered mine on August 26. I am sure you will get yours very soon!!!!
    I am ssooooo excited!!!!!!

  • Update:
    August 22nd order - Just received tracking!

    Scheduled to arrive tomorrow (?!?!)

  • Ordered 8/23 got tracking number!!!! Yea!!!! Thanks OneWheel!

  • Got tracking. Ordered 23rd of August.

  • awesome guys! prepare to have your life changed!

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