QUESTION: You just received tracking! When did you order?

  • I ordered mine on 8 October (my brother ordered it for me), Order no. 1300 and still nothing. Had to follow up with an email asking where my board is and they said they had issues getting parts from one of their suppliers. Communication is not very good and not fostering trust. Am hoping to get my board before X-mas.

  • @Incog If my board comes as scheduled, it will be 10 weeks, 4 days. 2 weeks would have been amazing since it is snowing and cold in Chicago now!

  • Ordered October 12 contacted Support last week and they said I should get it in about two more weeks. Got email less than a week later saying that my Onewheel was being shipped confirmation December 9th. The bottom line is Support has no idea when you will get your Onewheel they are not told anything or find out anything so its all a guessing game

  • Ordered Sept 17
    Received Dec 7th.

    It's awesome

  • Looks like FM are picking up the pace now! Super happy to say I woke up to my shipping confirmation this morning which puts order to tracking info at exactly 9 weeks in my case. Originally told 6-8 weeks but I was expecting 12+ after spending an unhealthy amount of time reading these forums (@njcustom I blame you whole heartedly!) so I'm definitely not complaining.

    happy riding to all the peeps getting their boards before Cheistmas.. I for one can't wait to get some pics up here for this awesome community 👍

  • It's happening!!!! If i'm lucky, it will be on my desk when I get to work.
    I am so excited. I hope it's not raining today!

    0_1449590685532_Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 8.03.40 AM.png

  • Yep, seems like they are speeding up! Just got my UPS email a few minutes ago and ordered Oct. 17th!

  • I ordered Oct 1 and just got shipping confirmation. Luckily I am in Bay Area so I might see this tomorrow. Although, it says it is scheduled for delivery today.

    Location Date Local Time Activity
    South San Francisco, CA, United States 12/09/2015 12:28 A.M. Arrival Scan
    San Jose, CA, United States 12/08/2015 11:21 P.M. Departure Scan
    12/08/2015 8:24 P.M. Origin Scan
    12/08/2015 5:11 P.M. Pickup Scan
    United States 12/08/2015 9:58 P.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS

  • Boo UPS

    12/09/2015 	7:00 A.M. 	Due to operating conditions, your package may be delayed. / Delivery will be rescheduled.

  • @Crashem I feel that yesterday. Apparently it's due to larger than expected cyber Monday orders.

  • @sunol What order number were you?

  • @Skarce Not sure if this helps but i'm order #1441. Ordered Oct 20th and received tracking last night. Next Wed expected delivery and couldn't be more pumped! Seems things are picking up on the production front!

  • Ordered my board October 8th, received my tracking number December 4th. And finally received my OW on December 8th! Roughly 8-9 weeks-----Worth every minute of waiting and every penny of paying baby. #1353

  • Based on bigskyinminnie #1441 and erikbsteele #1353 it appears they are shipping about 17.6 units/calendar day (or 29.3 units/work day), assuming each order number represents a board. So do the math. I ordered 11/9 #1629 which projects to 10.50 calendar days/6.41 work days from 12/9.

  • @Skarce #1345 - went to a lit parking lot last night with it. Total grin factory...

  • Man... Some of us that ordered in August/early September got a bit screwed if we just got our tracking two weeks ago and dudes that ordered in late Ocotber are getting their tracking now. Seriously.

  • @scalthom Yeah, I ordered October 23 and got my tracking last night. Getting it tomorrow and I'm super pumped!

  • two things come to mind: improved production capabiliy and maybe seasonal ordering. Winter coming so order flow is off from late summer/early fall.?

  • I got responses from Onewheel, that they were waiting on part that was holding them up. My guess they had a bunch of half/mostly assembled onewheels waiting on this part so they were able to do a whole bunch. That being said, they seem to be heading to their original 6-8 quoted shipping times so they must have improved production as well. Cheers to them!

  • Ordered 9/15....received 12/9.

    I'm thoroughly impressed with it after about 3-4 hours of learning the ropes. I was surprised at how solid the OW is built. It's like a little rolling tank, that accelerates on command. I can't wait to master it!

    To all of those on the bench waiting to get in the game: try your best to find something else to distract you in the meantime. It's a high-end, specialty product and although the delayed ship times are frustrating, the folks at FM are producing some legit, AMERICAN MADE nuggets that will blow your minds once you start rolling...hopefully some sweet vids to come.

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