QUESTION: You just received tracking! When did you order?

  • Order #2016 made on 12/13 and received tracking today. My onewheel will be home in two days! Total wait time will be 38 days or around 5.5 weeks. Not bad!

  • Order #: 2092
    Ordered: Dec 18, 2015
    Tracking Received: Jan 18, 2016
    Scheduled Delivery: Jan 22, 2016

    Can't wait!

  • Order #: 1996
    Ordered: Dec 10th, 2015
    Tracking Received: Jan 18th, 2016
    Scheduled Delivery: Jan 20th, 2016

    Just under 6 weeks, showing improvement!

    So, F'n stoked!! :satisfied: :satisfied:

  • Order #: 2007
    Ordered: Dec 12th, 2015
    Tracking Received: Jan 18th, 2016

    I don't have a delivery estimate yet, but I'm NYC based, so guessing a week?

    I just received the mail. I'm sitting in an airport restaurant and a let out a little excited scream as I saw the notification email. Ooops.

    So excited :)

  • Order#: 2060
    Ordered: Dec 16
    Received Tracking #: Jan 18

    4 weeks! THANK YOU FM!

  • Order 1739: ordered on Nov. 22 received tracking Jan 18 for the board (8 weeks) but still waiting for the fender kit

  • We are order #1782, just received shipping info yesterday Jan 18. Should be here by Friday and its supposed to SNOW!!!

  • Order #2009. Ordered on December 12. Received shipping info on 1/18 with arrival on 1/25 in New Jersey. My fender kit came last week with the Onewheel toy included. I will be stalking the UPS truck all week.

  • @medhead doing the same on my end!
    I think I check status every few hours or so.. haha

  • Order #2157 on Dec. 25. I am guessing I will be in the next batch then??? Can't wait...

  • Order #2187. Ordered on December 28th. Received shipping info January 22. Should be in NJ by January 29th. Looks like FM is getting the lead times down closer to a consistent 1 month.

  • Order #2297, ordered January 8. To be delivered Thusday January 28. FM seems to be speeding up production!

  • @medhead did you get tracking for your fender as well? I ordered both my onewheel and fender Dec. 13th and already have my onewheel but no fender...

  • Looks like they are finally catching up probably as they get production down to a tee but also demand is probably slower right now. Hopefully they will get to the point of having inventory soon and we can lay this post to rest! Then the question will be what next? Right now I'd imagine sales are not dramatically increasing even though the concept and form factor are breakthrough compared to electric skateboards. Will larger distribution through retail outlets bring wider awareness and promote ow? Will they make it more accessible via upgrading mileage or lowering the cost? Seems to me like they need to do something to gain a wider market share besides having inventory. Thoughts?

  • @knight32 I got my fender last week. I actually ordered it a few days after I ordered the Onewheel. My board should be coming tomorrow.

  • Order #1967, December 9th. Received shipping info January 16th. Delivered January 22nd. Additional VAT + taxes (Germany) are 406 EUR.

  • Ordered December 10th. Tracking info received January 18th. Board arrived in Florida on the 25th. Order # 1979.


  • Order confirmation for order #2582, the wait begins I'm very excited here!

  • MY BOARD IS COMING TOMORROW! Received shipment info from Carly earlier today and just received notification from UPS that they will get it here overnight. Not bad for UPS Ground, but its only about 60 miles to SF. Order 2185, placed 12/28. See y'all in GG Park!

  • Order 2234 placed 1/1, delivery notification 2/9. I'm as giddy as a 14yr old boy in 1984 with a new JC Penny catalog...but not in a weird way like that...

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