QUESTION: You just received tracking! When did you order?

  • @mAz Congrats on your board! Your priorities as you know them are about to be all out of whack. Don't let people nag you about those pesky issues such personal relationships, child care, showing up for work, etc. Anyways there's lots of opinions out there but here ya go: Open the box, turn on and try some balancing in a safe environment like on carpet or something forgiving. Roll back and forth, do some turns, yada, yada, yada. After that find something to hold onto while you master dismounting. I used some type of hutch thing in our living room while watching a game. Do it over and over and over. Yes, it will get boring but you will build muscle memory and you will never look like a clown having to jump off your board every time or ever. This will also prevent you from completely shredding the new finish off your board...Not a big deal - It will happen eventually but it's not cute when your board is brand new and shiny. Plug in and charge til full while reading the manual. Change to extreme mode and take it to the streets for some real riding. Charge your board overnight. Sweet dreams!

  • @SC720 Thanks buddy, I'll keep that in mind. I know what you meen, it's important to let your body acknowledge your new tool. Muscle memory doesn't come quickly. I will enjoy and go easy on the practice time so I can get full out. Like you said. Who knows if I come to Cali someday, we'll go ride, you shurly know some good spots. C-ya

  • @Polle thanks Polle I saw that. Man, this forum is all about that wheel and that's awesome

    This is realy a beautiful community!

    Wheelers united!

  • I am a OneWheel rider now! To be honest I didn't think it would be that great, but I was right it's not great!
    It's just freeking awesome!!!! Snowboarding on the asphalt for real. I got it 2 hours ago, I got on inside to get a grip and I couldn't resist to go outside. I love it. Got some first time scraches on it and now it's my board. It realy is as much durable than a plain skatboard!
    I am lucky, my work is only 4 miles away, I'll ride everyday to work when the weather ok is.
    Thanks future motion for inventing it but thank us for buying it he he he ;)

    0_1455826783586_MyWheel - Copy.JPG
    0_1455826799075_Shipment progress.png

  • Help!
    Sorry guys, but where can I register my board. I saw the link last week but now I can't find it anymore....

  • Ordered 2/7, #2578, on 2/9 FM told me it would be shipped mid-March, however shipped 2/12, received in Wisconsin today, 2/18!!! So excited on my drive home to unbox. Promised son I'd wait until he got home from school to open it up. You know that will be a sweet period of time just waiting but in possession. Thanks FM! I have a fun idea for the one wheel that I will post the video of if I'm successful

  • @thegreck right thank you ;)

  • @mAz @thegreck Wow, I actually didn't know we had to register! Thanks guys :)

  • @Polle said:

    @mAz @thegreck Wow, I actually didn't know we had to register! Thanks guys :)

    Me neither! I found the registration page with a Google search after I saw @mAz ask about it, then registered my board too.

  • @thegreck all done!

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