QUESTION: You just received tracking! When did you order?

  • I'm starting this thread to keep tabs on ship times.
    It would be interesting if everyone who receives tracking replies with their order date and when they received tracking starting within the last week or so and going forward. Each time somebody replies we can get an updated view of how long it's taking.

    As of a couple weeks ago, some had waited about 10 weeks by the time they received tracking.
    Anybody receive tracking since then and if so when did you order?

  • I ordered May 29, received tracker Aug 5. That is a little less than 10 weeks (as was announced at the time I ordered)
    First delivery attempt was on August 7 (in Belgium). So that makes it exactly 10 weeks.

  • Ordered mine July 1st, 6 + weeks and counting. No Email yet

  • @DVO did you order before they cut down their lead time or was it still at 8-10wks?

  • ordered on 08/17/2015 4:07:29 pm

  • I ordered July 9 and was told it should ship around the end of the month.

  • @mikeyjihad I don't really remember, but in a thread, FM said I might get an early surprise with a wink. But I'm already in my 6th week going into 7 :/

  • I ordered July 19th and was told I should be riding by the beginning of September... hoping that tracking email comes some time next week.

  • Ordered 6/11. Waiting as patiently as possible.

  • @NYC @DVO @eish @liekensk I'm curious: why haven't you guys jumped on any of the offers of slightly used boards? I ordered my OW about 3 weeks ago, then the next morning someone posted a gently used board for sale. I was riding by the day after that, and FM gladly refunded my order (seriously, their service is absolutely incredible).

  • @sidebox ehh, I just like my stuff new I guess. But I am getting anxious lol. I've bought 5 pairs of skate shoes already for this thing. Also bought an ipod touch so I can use the app. I'm keeping myself busy I guess lol

  • @DVO understood. Personal preference. There is a guy selling an unopened OW on eBay right now. He's asking for $1750 though. I messaged him and told him he should just drop it to retail pricing, but I guess he wants to get paid for the 10 weeks he waited.

  • @sidebox I told that dude he was lying about the real price and he reminded me (ass holishly) that he paid tax and that I should fuck right off... lol... Him and his 1 Ebay feedback... pretty funny.

  • @sidebox uk based so not many people are willing to ship internationally? and does the warranty transfer owners? Loads of my sports equipment seems to be original owner only!

    If anyone selling is interested in posting to the uk let me know!

  • @sidebox I also have no interest in buying one used. Too much risk with dealing w a third party and tbh if I'm dropping 1500 dollars I want that new car experience.

  • @eish I've already sent my secondhand board in for service (received it back under 48 hours by the way...). Their service is excellent. @NYC Again, personal preference, so I understand. As an aside, after 3 days of riding your board is going to look secondhand anyway. Just wanted to see what everyones reasoning was. I hope your factory boards show up ASAP so you can get riding!

  • @NYC right on; if you're going to pay full price you may as well buy a new one. The journey waiting for one is part of the entire experience.

  • @sidebox I don't have a problem buying second hand, but if its just to save time, I don't mind waiting - having said that - anyone selling who doesn't mind shipping international - please message me!

  • Ordered June 25, shipped Aug 20 (yesterday), got it today.

    If you're riding it around inside an office building where the floors are mainly concrete, expect mad squeaking for the first while. Whee!

  • @zedkyuu happy for you, brother, though it confirms my fears about something falling through the cracks on my board. Ordered mine two weeks before you...still no news on shipping.

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