QUESTION: You just received tracking! When did you order?

  • Embrace yourselves, winter is coming!( at least in Belgium it will rain rain and rain)

  • Ordered mine on July 15th. The suspense is killing me but I don't want them to rush perfection. Still, I hope they have shortened the wait time from what seems to be an average of 10 weeks.

  • @utsu I got the same response.:disappointed:

  • @utsu Yup about to hit 8 weeks and no email. I may sell mine since it looks like I won't be able to use it before surgery. If I do I'll post it here first.

  • Got it yesterday and spent about three hours on it. Best purchase ever (and I just bought a new condo)...definitely worth the wait.

    Also, I read of others taking off work the next day to ride. Probably a good way to go; I've been an unproductive mess just wanting to get home to my Onewheel. (Ya, the video's song is uncannily appropriate.)

  • I'll save everyone else the trouble of searching back through all the old posts:
    baybyboomer ordered 6/11

    Apparently, people commonly get so excited to get their OWs, they lose all capacity to follow instructions, even when they are written into the title of the thread. ;)

    PSA: A delivery/shipping date is not useful without an accompanying order date (though we're very excited for you!).

  • Haha thanks @ThatGuy for the psa.
    Yes, order and ship date are the most important because they are universal dates for everyone regardless of ship location.

    Seems like future motion is keeping up the practice of over promising on ship dates when they lowered it. Maybe they enjoy the hazing lol! If they had kept it at 10 weeks they would be surpassing expectations! Either way glad ship times are coming down.

    Thankfully they over deliver on how awesome the product is which is the most important thing.

  • I'm at 6 weeks today, ordered July 23rd..

  • Just got my email so pretty much 8 weeks on the mark. Probably can't ride it though with surgery on Tuesday. Pretty anticlimactic moment but definitely looking forward to riding it sometime in December.

  • Ordered 07/12, rec'd shipping info 09/03 :sunglasses:

  • @Onewheelsurfer, thanks! About 7.5 weeks for you.

  • Ordered July 9 and got the email September 3rd in the evening!

  • Just got my tracking! Ordered August 1st!

  • @utsu. You ordered 8/1, barely a month ago?!

    That places orders anywhere from 7/12 to to 8/1 into the latest production run. If so, that means either they're manufacturing in very large batches (wherein your personal wait time may vary as much as 3 weeks depending on precisely when in the production cycle you order), or the wait times/backlog just dropped dramatically (which was hinted at in an earlier FM post).

    As an impatient orderer, I want to believe wait times are down, but I can't set myself up for such torture.

    [Edit: fixed typo]

  • I ordered July 19th and still no tracking. :disappointed: I hope that does not mean I'll have to wait 2 weeks until the next batch.

  • [Edit: Deleted]

  • Ordered July 10th and got my tracking on Sept. 3rd. Little less than 8 weeks. Board should be here on Tues the 8th..oh man!!

  • @slydogstroh I'd contact to find out. If it is two more weeks you will still do better than me.

    @A-Sant, congrats and thanks for the update!

  • Yeah, I suspect something in the supply chain requires a pretty big window for so much variance in order completion. That must explain why they are concentrating so many orders at once, there's got to be a bottle neck somewhere in there.

  • @utsu Well, if that's not what happened, and orders are in fact speeding up, we should see evidence of it soon (holiday weekend delay aside).

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