QUESTION: You just received tracking! When did you order?

  • @baybyboomer Sorry to hear. Maybe drop a question and ask? I definitely would if I heard that orders after mine had already shipped.

    FWIW, I thought seriously about writing and asking when I heard the ship time had dropped to 4-6 weeks, but decided I'd hold off another couple of weeks. So I have never written to ask.

  • @zedkyuu thanks for posting your ship time...eight weeks.

    @baybyboomer, sounds like your on 10 weeks. Hopefully you get tracking soon. I can't imagine it will be much longer but probably at least until the next batch ships which might be 2 weeks since it doesn't seem like a batch goes out every week. I'd contact support and make sure you are in the next batch asap.

  • Just got my email today!! Ordered on July 1st! so about 7 weeks..haven't got it yet. But should be soon since I'm in the same town it's made! I am super excited!

  • @DVO you should see if they have anyone in the office over the weekend so you can go pick it up!

  • Already asked, won't let me :/ they can only ship it

  • @DVO Gotcha. Well, get ready to fall in love... Congrats!

  • Do you have tracking? If not let us know when you get it.

  • @Franky They gave me a tracking number but it doesn't seem to work on the UPS website :/ I'll check tomorrow~

  • Great! That means it has or is ready to ship. I'm guessing it will be in transit starting Monday or you would see a departure scan on your tracking.

  • Thanks Franky!

  • I have done multiple orders with them for different items and the tracking numbers usually see activity 24 hours after you receive them

  • @DocBlock Thank you sir!!

  • Hey!

    Ordered: June 29th
    Tracking received: August 21st

    UPS tracking promises delivery at noon this Friday. :)

    Oh joy oh joy oh joy.. Before shipping I asked about a chance to have the batmobile inspired fender included so as to avoid separate shipping / tax&toll costs, but haven't received an answer yet. Understandable of course as the fender is just hot off productions, so I won't be mad if it ain't there. :D Anyway, props to all of you in this community. As FutureMotion stated a short while ago, this community is great and atleast for me you all have played a big part in making the "waiting game" a little less torturous.

    Best wishes from Sunny Finland!

  • @akoskinen thanks for update....just under eight weeks to get tracking. Glad to hear ship times are starting to inch down.

  • I inquired about the fender being added to my order as well, but FM told me that it's more or less being fulfilled by a vendor separately and it wouldn't be possible to have them ship together with my OW

  • It's happening! Got my tracking number on Friday.

  • @baybyboomer, thanks for the update. Your tracking came in just over 10 weeks.

  • Oh joy indeed.. It's here (27.8.2015) and I just did my first run down the beach in Kaivopuisto on my very OWN OW. :) UPS promised delivery on friday, but what do you know, they dropped it on my doorstep a day early! Albeit, I have been scouting for that UPS delivery truck from 9am this morning and then finally 7 hours later I'm cathing turf. I've told this to FutureMotion guys a number of times and I'll tell you all again. This thing is truly a dream come true, so thank you, thank you, thank you and to those who still await, may the force (of patience) be with you. ;-)

    Love and respect from sunny Helsinki!

    Ps. it's charging and I'm off for another session in 10 minutes.
    and btw. The App says my OW is ow002302, I'm pretty sure that corresponds to the number of boards out there. :)

  • @DVO just received his board. Ordered July 1 and got tracking August 21 which puts his ship time just over 7 weeks.

  • Well I'll let you know if 7 weeks is holding. I ordered July 9 so today is 7 weeks exactly, no email so far.

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