QUESTION: You just received tracking! When did you order?

  • Order 2520
    Order date: 2/2/2016
    Shipdate: 2/11/2016
    Delivery date: 2/18/2016

    Man that was fast!!!! What a great way to start a friday !

  • @Dysect Wow, just over 2 weeks?? Has FM finally caught up with demand or what? It was averaging about a month and a week before your post.

  • It actually looks like they go out in batches, and Dysect got lucky and got in the batch that went out around 2/10. Seems like quite a few people got the Shipping Conformation that day. But Order Dates go back to the beginning of January.

  • @thegreck I'm not sure. I guess the heavens wanted my day to start out well, knowing i was going to go into work and have a production hyper-visor shit the bed.

  • I think with the announcement of their new funding that they most likely have drastically scaled up production. @thegreck I think FM has indeed caught up with demand!

  • Order # 2495
    On 1/31
    Shipped 2/11
    Expected 2/18

  • Ordered on Feb 11
    Shipped on Feb 12
    To be delivered on Feb 18

    I'd set my expectations to wait at least a month. Seeing this shipping confirmation was a great way to start the weekend!

  • I ordered on Sunday 2/7 (order #2578). FM told me on 2/9 that there would be a 5 week lead time with manufacturing to begin in a couple weeks and by mid-March, I would have tracking. I'm elated and shocked to see that my board was shipped last night with arrival on the 18th! Looks like the fender and bumpers are not in the shipment, but I won't complain too much.

  • This is awesome that they are at the point of shipping boards out as quickly as the next day...makes me want to order up yet another one just to experience the instant gratification. This is not so good news for the ebay sellers now!

  • Makes me kinda sad that order numbers older than mine are already shipped =(

  • @flogalen Email support. Sometimes they forget to email you, but yours is likely part of the last shipment.

  • @flogalen , if it helps, the same thing happened to me. I emailed support, and they got everything straightened out.

  • Ordered on the feb.11th. Got tracking the next day and should be here by the 18th. Woohooo can't wait!

  • @thegreck @no thank you! I contacted the support and as it turns out I just got my shipping information! It was a little delayed due to the international shipping. Soon I'll be rocking the OW in Germany!

    Ordered 02/06/2016; Shipping 02/15/2016; Arrived: Hopefully soon :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Hello there mighty Onewhellers!!!
    I've just got my tracking ID. I'm from Luxemburg Europe and I completed my order on the 29 Jan. Really guys from FM you did some strong upgrade to your shipment methods. That's awsome, I'm on the other side of the planet and after only three weeks you already send me my board. Hell Yeah!!! You guys are good.
    I am proud to be part of this, I am born for this, there are surfers and there are the others, I'm just a surfer. Give me a board with few wheels or OneWheel and I'll be gone for the day.
    See YA!

  • @flogalen Dude that's great! I thought that might be the case... the same thing happened to me too. I saw someone post that they just got tracking, and they had ordered a week after me. So I contacted support and it turned out my board was 2 days away from delivery.

  • @Franky
    Ordered 2nd board Dec 22nd , received tracking Feb 9th , opened box today Feb 16 . #2133

  • My board is arriving tomorrow! Super excited. The import fee for Germany is 417,52 Euros if someone is curious about that.

    A few more days and I can post some pictures!

  • Yes baby! My board should arrive today or at least tomorrow. Hell yeah. But I got 2 Questions guys, how should I proceed with the first time I charge the batteries. Open the box ride it till the batteries are drown out and than make the first charge? 2. When should I callibrate the batteries for the first time on the first day or only weeks after? Thanks for some response, I know this isn't the right tweed for my questions but anyway by the way I waited only 3weeks luky me ;) Thanks again FM you got some good service there, I doubt the chinise clones can keep up with. There can be only One wheel and here it is! The orginial. Wait up, the plastic crap will end up burning up like the shitty seagways most people buy. People are just to attrakted for cheap shit I can't understand that. I don't own much money I got a regular job but when I want something I just save money for it. I work for living, I don't live to work;). For the right thing and not the cheap copy, you already know you buy shit when it's to cheap. When you build something good something that has to keep up with the durability of a skateboard. Yes for me the Onewheel looks like a brick, a tank it looks like it can keep up with some crazy stuff. And those clones .... come on the'll fall apart. Have the nicest day Riders!!!!!!!! Love you guys :)

  • @mAz Congrats on your board! Your priorities as you know them are about to be all out of whack. Don't let people nag you about those pesky issues such personal relationships, child care, showing up for work, etc. Anyways there's lots of opinions out there but here ya go: Open the box, turn on and try some balancing in a safe environment like on carpet or something forgiving. Roll back and forth, do some turns, yada, yada, yada. After that find something to hold onto while you master dismounting. I used some type of hutch thing in our living room while watching a game. Do it over and over and over. Yes, it will get boring but you will build muscle memory and you will never look like a clown having to jump off your board every time or ever. This will also prevent you from completely shredding the new finish off your board...Not a big deal - It will happen eventually but it's not cute when your board is brand new and shiny. Plug in and charge til full while reading the manual. Change to extreme mode and take it to the streets for some real riding. Charge your board overnight. Sweet dreams!

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