Extreme vs. Elevated

  • So I've only had my OW for two days now and absolutely love it. Yes, I agree with many other posters here that it would be amazing to have sliders in the digital shaping section of the app so that we could fine tune the OW to our exact preferences. Please for V3?!!!

    I'm coming to this sport from skateboarding and surfing, not snowboarding. I've actually never snowboarded, but am quite good at skateboarding. And for me, I find the Elevated mode much more superior for handling, even on flat areas, than the Extreme mode. It has a bit more of a skateboarding/surfing feel where you're digging into your backside more and lighter on your frontside for movement, since this mode is pushing you back a bit.

    Maybe it's just me, but wondering if others use the Elevate mode over Extreme for every day boarding, not just for hills and skateparks. I was on Extreme all day yesterday through several charges, really working the board. I had fun and got the hang of it instantly. But not until this morning when I figured I'd try Elevate did it finally feel very much in tune with the way I distribute my weight and turn.

    But back to my original point, if I could fine tune this, it would be amazing, as ideally I'd want the nose somewhere between Extreme and Elevate. I just find Extreme keeps the nose a little too low for my preference, as if I'm constantly going down a wave or hill, even when riding flat.

  • I come from a Skateboarding background as well. I made a thread asking about "elevated mode" but nobody seemed to have much info on it. I'm on week 6 and probably might like elevated mode better too. But thanks for the info on your experience. I also read somewhere where someone liked elevated more better too.

  • Between extreme and elevated - it's all preference in my opinion. I have skated for a number of years between standard and long boarding.
    Elevated does do me better on rough terrain but I do find my self more comfortable in extreme with little fear of the nose being closer to the ground.
    But yeah good thread !

  • @tmasterflash After 4 months, do you still feel the same way and prefer Elevated? I agree that Extreme mode requires a slight nose down stance and wonder if elevated might feel more "natural" for me for level and downhill riding. I'm from a snowboarding background and in powder, you have to keep the nose up. I just received my OW and have only tried Classic and Extreme. A fine tuning capability would awesome and keep us all happy.

    Thanks in advance and others in the community, please chime in!

  • Elevated mode hurts my legs and back.. It does seem more powerful tho..

  • I prefeer elevated for all kinds of riding. Just feels alot "safer" with a nose up mode. I rather scratch my tail than nose

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