Footpad Order Page Down?

  • Can anyone else access the footpad order page? I'm getting a 404 error. My sensor grip tape is sliding, and generally I've worn my grip tape down a lot. Since I ride a lot on the beach with sandy shoes, the reduced grip tape makes for a slippery stance.

  • Mine is slipping slightly as well.. I just wonder how bad it can get. How out of position is yours..? Any idea is this is an easy fix or, once again, we are required to send the OneWheel back to the U.S. to get it fixed..? :worried:

  • Mine is rotating clockwise (I'm a goofy rider) - undoubtedly because of the torque I put on the grip tape during heelside turns. It has slipped about a half to three quarters of an inch. I'm more anxious to just get fresh new "stickier" grip tape on there.

    This replacement of the wooden foot pads can be done by us - it's basically the same procedure as when we all had to secure our sensor pad connections a couple of weeks after shipments started.

  • This doesn't sound good. How long did you guys ride before this started to happened? Also is it still rideable (with enough confidence to be aggressive)?

    Talking about the 404 error, has anyone tried to order the end blocks? I believe there's a bug with the shipping calculation? The shipping is always multiplied into the price per each unit of the blocks as well i.e. 10 blocks + international shipping = $1,000???

    I hope this will be fixed along with the 404 error. I'd like to stock up some parts and it'd make more sense to order multiple items in one go to save on postage. Everyone will have to get that wheel cover at some point so may as well stock up on the other parts at the same time! So FM, please look into combined shipping please!

  • Mine is still completely rideable - confirmed with FM it doesn't affect the sensors. Still have 100% confidence. I just have to be careful with sandy shoes as the grip tape isn't as pronounced as it once was.

  • Great to hear that it's still rideable and with 100% confidence to boot!

  • Can you grip over it? or re-grip it? or will it mess with the sensors?

  • Where/how do you buy spare end blocks or parts?

  • @SkateFirst.SamT Both the end blocks and pads links are in this page:

    End blocks: (Seems the bug hasn't been fixed yet)

    Foot Pad Change - (Still gives 404 error)

    Let's hope all these pages work properly in time for the wheel cover!!!

  • My front footpad also started slipping. I took a blowdryer to it to heat up the griptape and rotated it back in to place. Board/sensors still work fine, i'm tempted to regrip, just to change to more aggressive grip tape.

  • I go to a lot of IDF world cup events (downhill longboard racing) and was considering putting competition grip on my OW for binding like grip

  • I just got a second Onewheel, and while I can tell that the tire has more rubber, the fresh grip tape is the most noticeable. It is SO much better having good grip tape. I'm interested to see if more aggressive tape could be used without causing sensor issues.

  • The tape slipping is so frustrating! I had my board under a week, and the tape moved about an 1/8". It was enough that the foot sensor started thinking I was still on the board after I jumped off. The board took off without me, went through a flower bed, and hit a building before it stopped. There were several more times after that where it kept trying to go when I jumped off, but I grabbed it and wouldn't let it go after the first experience. I have since rolled my foot off the sensor before getting off the board just to make sure it shuts off before I step off. It seems to have stopped doing that, but it still worries me. Since I have only had the board a short time, Onewheel has offered me new pads. I'm looking forward to getting those. Thank you Onewheel!!!! :)

  • So I took the plunge and decided to regrip the front footpad.
    Board still works fine.
    The grip tape is over a thin plastic sheet that isolates it from the sensor, the only remaining issue is finding an adhesive thats strong enough to resist the torque slippage that still occurs. The grip tape stick fine to the plastic sheet, it's the plastic sheet glued to another underlying plastic sheet that creates the slippage weak spot.
    Trying to attach a pic...20150621_150105sm.jpg

  • I've noticed (not surprisingly) that mine slips when I leave the board in the sun while out surfing, and then I hop on to ride home. The adhesive gets warm and of course slips due to the torque of my foot. Wondering if maybe a really, really short wood screw with a big washer on it inserted into the corner of the grip tape would serve as a tack to keep it in place? It would of course be placed well away from the sensor and be shallow enough as to not break through the bottom of the wooden foot pad. Any thoughts on this?

  • @Boogieman Please post a pic. I used to redo my grip tape when I was a skateboarder and am really curious about this for when the time comes.

    @lynnpreston I think we had a similar situation out here a few weeks ago in AZ. Two of my friends were riding for the first time in 105 degree weather.

  • @Boogieman awesome man, thanks! Just noticed the pics.

    You ever find a stronger adhesive?

    No issues so far otherwise?

  • @Boogieman Thank you for sharing your picks and info! I'm doing this as soon as I get home.

  • @lynnpreston I would think that the tape would rip, or bulge in places. Tell me what you think about this; I was kind of thinking of adding something like a thin piece of plastic around the edge of the grip tape. Perhaps a frame like that would hold it in place. I guess we won't know what works until we try it.

  • @veryous Using 3M77 right now, think I will try 3M90 which is supposed to have a higher heat rating and better bond strength.
    Board still running great no sensor issues whatsoever.

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