Grip slip...

  • It's so annoying! If only the foot pads were gripped to the edges, the hardware holding them to the frame would stop the slippage!:wink:

  • I do not understand why you guys are torquing the grip pads so hard they move. That's not how you turn the OneWheel. You should move your weight back and forth between the balls of your feet and your heels maintaining vertical pressure down through the grip tape into the board.

  • @Andrew It's fairly common. I have yet to see a picture of a moderately ridden board without grip slip. I ride my board fast and hard across city streets with potholes and dirt paths and grass. You often have to really bear down and torque in different directions to maneuver on this type of terrain.

    @mikeyjihad You should look into screws, as multiple forum members have used to secure the tape:

  • @sidebox Son of a .... I just checked my OneWheel and the grip tape has moved! My OneWheel gets a ton of use and is covered in a layer of dirt/mud so it wasn't obvious. Just took a closer look.

  • @Andrew hahaha. "STOP RIDING LIKE THAT!!!". I also know it is just cosmetic, but It bothers me too. Whenever I get around to replacing my footpad I am going to screw the tape down before I even hop on it.

  • @Andrew hahhaha mine started moving out here (AZ) when I had novices riding it not carving at all, but it was 105 out that day so the natural heat caused the glue to weaken. I seem to move it more when I was learning to jump off curbs or off roading up the sides of little grass ramps I love to go on. Mine's not as bad as Frankys is yet, so I shouldn't affect the sensor. :pray:

  • I've got major grip slip but it has not affected functionality. Replacement grip tape were delivered already and new pads should be here tomorrow but I will not be replacing anything unless it starts to affect riding.

    I'm not sure if a person always riding lightly or even just carving on smooth roads would get grip slip. But I ride aggressively a lot and off road on rough terrain where your going over bumps that make your feet hop a little or a lot. Sometimes you struggle to hang on and you make it, other times you wipe out and hopefully land on your feet. So for me there is a lot of pressure exerted in different directions. Carving off road probably displaces grip more than anything because you have uneven surfaces you carve and ride out by pushing and maneuvering just so.

  • @Franky I was under the impression that they didn't sell just the tape on its own, but recommended a full pad replacement. Did you get the tape from FM, or an aftermarket brand? I'm thinking I'll process an order for just tape while they are repairing my OW tomorrow, if they do provide it.

  • No I purchased solid black grip linked to in another post. Wish they did just sell grip because I'll loose the logos when I replace. I have the new pads for backup but I will eventually just try new grip first....maybe after it's half slipped off the board lol.

  • @Franky ah, damn. Well if anyone is interested in screws, I just ordered these 1/4" screws:

    I've seen that others have used 1/2" screws, but the tips of those pop through the underside of the board. Lowes has a surprisingly small selection of short screws.

  • Gave my OneWheel its first wash (had it since April). When it dries I'll get some photos of the grip tape movement.

  • I ride with the sensor pad in the rear. The other pad has shown no movement.



    I essentially never ride switch (I should do more) so the sensor pad is in the rear about 99.9% of the time.

    Photos taken with mobile phone, sorry about the rubbish quality. Looked properly focused on the phone screen.

  • @Andrew The reason the other pad has not slid out of place is because the entire grip tape surface is adhered to the wood. The sensor side only has two thirds of the tape actually stuck to the wood.

  • @J-Glide said:

    @Andrew The reason the other pad has not slid out of place is because the entire grip tape surface is adhered to the wood. The sensor side only has two thirds of the tape actually stuck to the wood.

    Oh, that makes sense. I haven't lifted the grip tape up to investigate so I didn't know. Thanks for the explanation.

  • @sidebox How about an 3/8 screw. I felt nervous even using a 1/4. Thoughts? I need to put them in soon...

  • 3/8 should work

  • @J-Glide @MichaelW They should be fine, the problem is that all of the 3/8" that I came across had very small screw heads. I think that they might easily go in too far and not be very helpful. The griptape might also rip around such a small head.

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