The problem with riding on the street

  • I agree with you man.

    I ate it hard. I trusted the board too much. I was going top speed like you when the nose just dipped. I didnt roll, I have great experience falling. I would have caught myself if I expected it, but i didnt. I fell foward on my side, into a slide. I threw my phone immediately while in the air.

    Now I never trust the board and I am always prepared to fall and I havent been on the ground since despite several nose dives.

    Dont trust it man, always expect some crazy shit.

  • @Seekwence You wouldn't walk up to a strange dog on the street and just start rough-housing with it and trust that it wouldn't bite you. But if it was your dog and you'd had it for a few years and knew what it was like and knew its personality, you could do it no problem. Same with the Onewheel... once you get to know it better, you'll trust it.

    But just like a dog, you also need to always be prepared for it to suddenly bite your face off.

  • @thegreck RESPECT THE BEAST

  • I agree with wearing the safety equipment, but I also agree that the whole push back concept is a flawed design, There needs to be away to actively know your close to hitting push back before it activates. which app integration would be sooo easy and apple watch. Another idea led on front tip of board glows red when close to push back like at 13 mph or what ever.

  • @itwire I agree. Pushback is my least favorite part of the entire Onewheel experience. And they seem to keep making it kick in earlier and earlier with each firmware update. I feel like I'm getting pushback a few seconds after I get on it now, though admittedly I ride a lot faster than I used to when I was first learning.

  • @thegreck pushback doesn't bother me...maybe because I have the first firmware since I have my board . Fortunatly I have a off line iphone so my board has never been updated!

  • @fabuz Don't update! Pushback kicks in at around 13mph now! It's like a constant battle.

  • @thegreck That makes so much more sense now. I alway wondered why I couldn't make it to 15mph and got that push back so soon.

  • How does the firmware update? I think I don't want it to

  • @kbman I will be waiting a few weeks after a new update makes it out in the wild. I am still getting the hang of the current firmware. It would be nice to have a rollback feature in the OW app for early adopters.

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