Fixing Scratch Marks/Repainting?

  • I know a lot of people on here are using carbon fiber wrap, but mine tends to rub off and look bad after I wreck it a couple of times. Has anyone tried painting theirs? I have doubts about the paint sticking, and I'm not even sure I'd want to try it in case I mess up.

    I'm kind of on the fence about whether or not to leave the "character marks" or repaint it to make it look cleaner. Thoughts?

  • @hekkubus I'd also be interested to know if anyone has had any luck with this. I was contemplating painting mine black, but wasn't sure if it would stick.

  • @thegreck My best guess is that one of the rustoleum paints might work, but again, I'm a little too timid to try it.

  • If you do try, make sure your surface is clean, degreased and dry. You will need a primer or an all in one paint. For rattle can, the hammered Rustoleum no primer needed may work and look good. Keep in mind paint will still show scratches if the surface is unlevel from scuffs. That is why if I did it, I would go hammered finish.

  • "character marks" is best.
    Quality looks better worn.
    Love the way mine looks...

  • I chose to use Gorilla tape on mine for exactly that reason. Its easy and cheap to replace and durable and looks good to me. I was gonna post a cropped screenshot of a picture from a camera on smartphone but still, no. Wtf @onewheel !?

  • Screenshot too big. crop improper format

  • Ive been researching a lot about this while I wait for my new Onewheel to arrive. - I have found a company that has a wrap that looks super strong. - I contacted them for a 1ft x 5ft piece. Super reasonable price. Same as 3M from Amazon. - The only issue is the super strong stuff is the animal skin texture (not real animal skin of course, that would be pretty disgusting) - Check it out. - i'll post how it went with applying it and do a scratch test. - But first I need my onewheel to arrive.

    If this doesn't work. I am highly considering using truck bed liner and painting that on. Problem is. Only the pros that professionally spray vehicles with that stuff have the super strong truck bed liner. - Im going to do it myself so I'll just have to buy it from HomeDepo

  • If you don't already have a ton of scratches tape your rails guys! I tape mine and I've never had a problem with scratches. After riding mine for months they still look almost new. I use Gorilla tape. Its like duct tape only stronger. I double it up on the bottom rails and I have no issues...


  • After 5 months of riding and flipping the board. This is what the rails look like when I take the tape off. When I have a bad spill and rip the tape I just replace it. Usually about every month or so... Does not take the paint off at all!


  • I used a grinder to take all the paint off, now my OW just has a brushed aluminum finish, and the scratches are pretty much invisible.

  • @No can you show us a picture to see how it looks like?

  • @No - Nice ! I like it. Can you post a photo. - Do you live near the ocean? I wonder if this will open the metal for corroding or not

  • @No I had wondered if this was possible, and would also like to see a photo.

  • @onavircs alloy doesn't rust so it should not :-P

  • Sure, I'll post some pics when I'm done with my other modifications.

  • @No also a picture of the grinder you used would be great.I think I follow your way, first ride last night, it is already cover of marks due to my first nosedive...

  • I'm actually digging the ability to use different wraps as they come off due to hard use. I just wrapped mine in canyon copper tonight and made a template to easily cut out others quickly.

  • Would be nice if you can share the template if this prove to be easier for next wrap :)

  • @Tartopom wasn't hard just wrapped it once, peeled off one side, put it on a piece of plywood and cut it out

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