Crash Blocks and Foot Pads - end user changes and need to change

  • So I am a UK buyer - I was thinking I might get a set of crash blocks and foot pads in with my one wheel - to cut down on international shipping $85 and $60 - but I don't want to do this if the need to replace these parts is low

    Also how do you go about replacing the parts and does anyone have pictures of the parts?

  • pretty sure it comes with an extra set of blocks

    get the foot pads tho

  • @eish yup does come with extra set of blocks, but I'd order the pads then too. Don't forget a mud guard is coming out though next month that you'll have to also get shipped separately.

  • I ride pretty aggressively but my blocks are like new other than normal scrapes. Unlike a skateboard you don't normally need to tail slide to stop quickly. Since the boards ship with extra blocks I would expect a lot of extra blocks to be available from other users if needed. I'm pretty sure I'll never need to replace mine.

    The footpads however take a beating. Grip tape slips, gets gouged, and gunky. The wood looses its luster and takes abuse. So the easiest way to make your board like new again is a new set of pads.

  • @Franky thanks I didn't know it came wth extra blocks - I didn't see them on unboxing videos - I know about the mudguards but they apparently wont fit in the box, and are coming from different locations

    Is it both sensor and non sensor tape that slips or is it only the tape on the plastic covering the sensor that slips? Also does the californaia heat have something to do with the tape slipping - i.e. hot day > hot tape > hot glue > tape slips ??

  • I looked in my box again, I didn't see an extra set of crash blocks. Are you sure you're supposed to recieve them by default?

  • I have three boards and I only got extra blocks with my second board. I received the third board last week and no extra blocks were in the box.

  • @eish I got my board about a month ago and it did come with extra blocks.
    As to tape slipping due to heat, I suspect there is something to that. I ride mostly in Tahoe and San Francisco and do not see any slippage of my tape. Maybe I'm just not riding as aggressive as those other guys (I've mostly ridden on pavement so far).

  • So are they randomly choosing which orders get an extra set of crash blocks? I could use an extra set now that I'm more seasoned on my ow.

  • All 3 of mine came with extra crash blocks

  • Crazy - I thought they did come with the extra set -
    Mine didn't come with them either (received this month)

  • Screenshot_2015-08-20-19-10-00.png

  • I emailed earlier asking if my new board was shipping with extra crash blocks,

  • Mikey you beat me to it! I got the same response. Good to know the current blocks are more durable!

  • I actually would have to advise never getting to the point of sliding on the blocks as that normally causes a wipe out. Breaking works great leaning back but when you hit the blocks its like sliding on ice all the sudden which is a big change.

    I'm not sure if this is a combination of the motor disengaging and the block made of slick material or what the deal is. But if I see a big dip or steep part of a hill I'm just as careful not to slide as anything else because normally a slide means the board slides forward while I fall back.

    I would think a rubber blocks might work much better.

    tail slide wipe our example video

  • Just analyzing the little bit of video in the link where he tail slides and wipes out in a instant. It almost seems like the wheel locked up as he was close to touching down. Then when the wheel locks you tail slide and wipe out because you are leaning so far back.

  • @Franky This is really similar to what I did the other day messing up my good knee coming off that curb. Once that rear tail touched I slid out except my sensor/front foot stayed on the board and it did what happened in the video with my knee taking all that torque and turn with it.

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