Winter tune up

  • so i'm planning to send my board in for a tuneup every winter anyone got any suggestions as to what services i should have performed?

    i'm thinkin:

    -new tire
    -new grip tape
    -fender add on (this year)

    -hopefully battery upgrade next year ;)
    -hopefully battery indicator led's next year ;)

    -if i want my lights brighter for night riding do you think i need new front/back led's or do you think they can just allow for better lighting control on the app

  • I've only had my board for a couple months and besides grip slip it in very good condition still. How long have you had your board and what kind of condition is it in?

    Seems like the only thing you couldn't do yourself is the tire or batteries so unless you expect issues with those over the next year you should probably wait.

    I just need my board to last with normal maintanence until v2 comes out. At that point I'll be ready to order and my kids will get to use my current board. If you spend a bunch maintaining this version you might not get your money out if you need to sell it within a year or two.

  • well if i remeber correctly fm predicts about 1k miles on the tire

    i think i'm mostly paranoid about having to send it in for service during the riding season so i kinda just want to get it done during the winter, but depending on the price maybe i'll wait till next winter

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