Soft suspension

  • If there was a way to mount the wheel to the board using springs and some suspension linkage that was really soft, it would feel as though you were really floating on air. That truly would feel like a hover board. Just a thought.

  • Think the feel on acceleration and carving would change also?

  • Hmmm....that be interesting so the tire or you wasn't soaking everything up. I'd also like this to be controlled and adjustable like in my car when it goes into sport settings if I'm reaching for the stars here.

  • It would just be a fluffy soft air ride feel. I like the idea of being able to switch back-and-forth to.

  • @Polle yes, this would probably change acceleration and cornering. I was thinking more of a cruising thing. I'm not talking about anything bulky here, just something to give an air ride feel. really soft and almost bouncy.

  • I think it could work. I'm guessing there are a lot of plays off this form factor that can and will be introduced down the road.

  • i actually think hard suspension would ride better; it rides great right now with no suspension so just a little bit of cushion would help a lot

    but i think a better idea would be to use a softer tire, it would wear out a little faster but i'm sure the ride quality would be worth the trade off

    i actually posted about using a different tire months ago

  • I recall that. I'd give up some range for some extra float. I mean I already do lowering my pressure way down.

  • @veryous what kind of range are you getting with low pressure? I am getting terrible range I think so not sure if it is a battery issue or just that I still need to learn how to go faster... I am still in Classic mode, and at 10 PSI am getting 4-5KM only (about 3 miles) and at 20 PSI I am getting 6-7KM (about 4 miles), so not very happy about that... what range are you guys getting?

    edit - oh and I weigh 100kg / 220lbs so that doesn't help, but still seems the range is well below what I was expecting...

  • @Bart Get out of classic mode WHEN READY, first off. That seems to take a ton of range out. @franky weighs around what you do, but there's so many factors here just like when driving a car. Are you carving a lot, how much are you accelerating and slowing down, are you hitting push back a lot, what kind of terrain, is there hills, etc.? Yesterday for example I was 80% off road, multiple hill climbs of couple hundred feet, having to get on and off in places and I went 4.5 miles and still had 30% left when I got back to the car. I only weigh 170 though.

    @franky what are you getting for range?

  • Yeah there are a lot of variables but typically I'm getting 5.5 miles on 16psi and an extra mile when over 20psi when riding extreme mode. It will be interesting so see how age affects battery life. I've had mine for only 2 months.

  • Tonight I did almost 6 miles on 16psi at 225 weight until low battery pushback kicked in. I had made it back to my house at 5.7 miles but i decided to ride back and forth to see how far it would go on that last percent. image.jpg

  • Thanks for the info @Franky - I mainly ride on grass and I am not very fast (only had the board for a week and never did a board sport before... slow learner!)

    When does the low battery pushback kick in for you? I have never felt the board give me battery pushback even when riding it down to 1%...
    I have had it just stop on me and throw me off, and then the board was off completely, when turning it back on the battery level was around 10% so not sure what happened...

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