Soft suspension

  • Tonight I did almost 6 miles on 16psi at 225 weight until low battery pushback kicked in. I had made it back to my house at 5.7 miles but i decided to ride back and forth to see how far it would go on that last percent. image.jpg

  • Thanks for the info @Franky - I mainly ride on grass and I am not very fast (only had the board for a week and never did a board sport before... slow learner!)

    When does the low battery pushback kick in for you? I have never felt the board give me battery pushback even when riding it down to 1%...
    I have had it just stop on me and throw me off, and then the board was off completely, when turning it back on the battery level was around 10% so not sure what happened...

  • Let`s throw this in here...

    Someone`s DIY project on swing-arm type of suspension.
    The video is YT unlisted. Stumbled onto it HERE and thought maybe folks over here would find interested as well.

  • no matter how well it works, you're adding a lot of weight, complexity (more parts to break), and expense, I don't want a $3000 45# board

  • (Yea I just realized this old topic is in category of "Product Wishlist". So maybe should have done a new one.)

    It`s just interesting to follow.
    For instance - how KiiL Guards achieved from HERE to THERE with their idea of suspension.
    And now someone with swing-arm design idea ...

    Sometimes I just love the innovation. Not necessarily eager of getting any of those myself. As many of questionabilities remain.

  • @Sirgu said in Soft suspension:


    i ordered the killguards, should get them soon.
    do you have a link to the swing arm idea? i'm curious

  • It`s in few posts back.
    For YouTube link CLICK HERE
    and for corresponding reddit link CLICK HERE

    @Swinefeaster said in Soft suspension:

    i ordered the killguards, should get them soon.

    Let us know how does it perform!

  • i've had them now for a couple weeks and holy crap they are awesome!


    • i can ride roots on trails which i've never been able to ride
    • can now jump over fair sizes logs with the flight fins since the landings are so much more forgiving
    • the crossbar or towers are much shorter than i imagined
    • haven't had any issues hitting my ankles or legs during bails
    • durability has been great
    • nosedives are much more forgiving now --- the suspension gives you some extra time to compensate and ride it out, which is totally unexpected and really great


    • installation was a lot harder than i thought, had to find a way to compress the springs to get them in, but i brute forced it in and it was good
    • lost a bit of range, maybe 5% though hard to tell cause i had to replace the tire too at the same time since the old one wore out
    • 180 reverts are a bit trickier now, still getting used to the softness so i need to recalibrate my skills
    • i will definitely have to upgrade the battery now i'm maxing out my range more often that it's getting annoying, jw has a chip now that allows me to install an after market mod battery so might go that route soon
    • the hud handle is not compatible
    • had to trim my rail guards to make them work with the towers.

    PXL_20210820_064038489.MP.jpg PXL_20210823_222243950.MP.jpg

  • @Sirgu oh and thanks for the links. interesting other designs. the XR-S has a weird metal crossbar under the onewheel which is a nonstarter for me... would hit stuff with it for sure, and prevent curb nudges.

  • @Swinefeaster looks awesome! great job! needs a video of it in action.

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