Blink code

  • How do you use the blink code.
    When do you see the codes? Has anyone used this for troubleshooting yet?

  • It is a system of indication the board just has for when things go wrong. If nothing is wrong, it won't blink. It will pulse. You'll know the diff when u see a blink. Power it up on it's side and you'll see a blink (indicating the riding mode it's in).
    There's only troubleshooting if you have a problem. The manual has the key of what the codes mean.

  • @kbman
    Awesome. Thanks.

  • I shoulda mentioned the power up on its side thing... U can manually change the modes this way by pressing the sensor pad.
    Two blinks = classic
    Three = extreme
    Four = elevated
    Even quicker than reconnecting with the app since somehow it disconnects like it was it'
    s job

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