to charge or not to charge

  • Hey everybody, can someone tell me if it's ok to charge after only riding for a mile or so? I've been charging after every ride long or short and "the mrs." told me that this is bad for the battery. I don't want to do anything that would shorten the life.

  • @donny-h I hope it's okay, I do the same thing. There are a lot of positive differences between the Onewheel's Lithium Iron Phosphate battery and LiPo batteries, so I'm hoping this is one of them.

  • From past experience I always let it get low like 5% or less before I fully charge it back up to 100%. Thats Just Me.

  • This isn't precisely the pompous of all articles related but here >>
    Make sure when you're researching that u pay attention to whether or not ur reading about LiPo or LiFePo
    We have LiFePo.. Different
    LiPo is inherently more unstable because = chemistry.
    Future Motion chose LiFePo because it's waaay more safe and reliable. It also pretty much doesn't care when you charge it. Just to be polite to everything around me, I dont rush to the charger after any ride. It's not necessary to. I can park it, wait for the rain to dry and ride again sans charge. It takes less than 30 to charge anyhow. Worst comes to worse, shut your face, plug her in and piddle around the forum for a bit

  • I don't think lifepo batteries have a memory affect.. So they say.. If balance charged correctly it should in theory last for ever..

  • @njcustom Thanks everyone! I sure appreciate the support. I ride every single chance I get so I will probably continue to keep it fully charged and ready at all times.

  • Is it possible to charge OW with external battery during the ride? Is it harmful for OW?

  • @otvinta52 This is just guesswork because I haven't actually tried, but it seems like the Onewheel goes into a different mode while charging, and might not actually work while plugged in.

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