Silver OW with concave rear footbad and griptape upgrade

  • The paint kept getting scratched, so I decided to take it off, now the scratches are pretty much invisible. For anybody interested in getting that brushed aluminum look, be careful not to scrape off your serial number and warning stuff on the bottom, for that part I carefully used the wire brush(pictured below). The engraved wording and images are incredibly shallow, and any excess grinding will easily erase it. Also, don't use a cordless tool if you can avoid it, you'll spend more time recharging the batteries than grinding, use something plugged in.

    I wanted to upgrade the griptape ( and in the process, create a concave rear footpad. I used the sander(pictured below) to grind down the concave shape, it's very shallow, and can't be seen in the picture, but you feel it when you ride. Grinding down the rear footpad into a shallow concave shape is, in my opinion, an absolute must-do modification, the responsiveness at high speed is amazing, you can really put the OW on edge and make high-speed turns much MUCH easier. That, mixed with vicious griptape almost makes it feel like I'm wearing bindings. 2 very noticeable mods, I highly recommend both...seriously, the OW should just ship with vicious grip tape and concave footpads.

    Regarding the griptape, I put that foam mesh people use to line their cabinets over the black griptape, and used light grey spraypaint, you can sort-of see the grey checkered pattern. Then to mark the front/sensor side of the board, I masked it off with paper and tape and added a simple orange chevron.

    Finished product
    alt text

    I used this sander rented from Home Depot to grind the concave shape into the footpad
    alt text

    These are the grinders I used with my cordless drill to take off the blue paint
    alt text

  • Nice job :-) I don't know if I will do it on mine because to really remove the color completely you would need to remove the frame and I don't know if it's doable easily.

  • Nice mods I like this.

  • @no Awesome mods man. Did you concave frontpad?

  • Sweetsauce. Can u share a closer upper picture of the concavedness? You talk it up much and I am intrigued as I ride gnarly grounds

  • @Tartopom thanks, and I agree, I originally planned on completely taking it apart and doing it right, but once I got about half way through I got cold feet, I'm just not ready to void a warranty on a 1500$ toy yet, I only took off the footpads and bumpers

    @TonyGDTLA not yet, I want to order a backup set of footpads just in case I break the sensor during the removal process

    @kbman You know how the footpad wood is a composite of several thinner sheets? The concavity is about 1.5 layers deep, once I put the thick gritty grip tape on it, the curve is almost invisible. Gonna test out this depth for a few weeks and I might go back and increase it later, here's the best pic I could take. That being said though, you can feel it with your foot when riding.
    alt text

  • Nice job @no !! That is seriously pretty sharp looking!!

  • Interesting results for those who have tried concave footpads so far. Promising.

  • @duc809 yea, I was skeptical as well, but after riding with just one slightly concave pad, I'm a believer

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