Quick jerk when mounting. Normal?

  • So, I had 2 issues with the board and it was sent back to FM. Received the board back, but the symptoms are the same. Just wanted to get some feedback if the clicking is normal.

    1. When mounting, there is a quick jerk backward (as shown in video). This doesn't matter if a person is standing on it or using my hands to activate the balancing. Is this normal?
    2. The wheel is moving side-to-side with a loud click. Didn't have this before (only a slight click, not loud), but maybe this is normal wear and tear? Based on other posts, I am starting to think this is normal (even though mine wasn't doing this before).

    Video of question 1 (sorry, was just a quick/rough video): https://youtu.be/3CRwFhXN8LE


  • Hard to say from the video. There is definitely enagement point when mounting and there is a little noise here and there but not overly noticeable. Do you have a hard time riding it this way? Do you notice this when you are riding at a good pace? When did your board ship?

  • Also notice a black cap in the middle of your board that mine doesn't have. They have to be trying new ways to manufacture faster. Hopefully the quality doesn't start to suffer.

  • @Franky Thanks for the reply. Doesn't seem to impact riding, just irritating when mounting. I did take it out for a spin tonight and noticed the pushback at higher speeds seemed to be eliminated (board stays horizontal), so I backed off myself (had a bad experience when the board was first shipped in mid-Feb with a 18-20 mph front dump, limiter didn't engage 2 days after i received it). Will put on all the gear and take it for a spin later (can't take a chance to get hurt until the weekend. LOL). I did notice that it was riding smoother (felt a slight wobble at higher speeds before sending it in), so that's a good thing. I am waiting to hear back from FM on the jerk sensation.

    Also, the black cap was actually my GoPro mount. :smiley:

  • you might want to fire up the app

    when you were "testing" it with your hands i think you manually put the board into extreme mode, which is why the pushback seems like it's gone

  • @david said:


    I seem to remember my board making that click for a while, but then it went away. Now it engages fairly silently. Give it a few days and see if it still does it.

  • @dicorci Actually I already checked it already. It is in "extreme mode", which I normally ride. I was running the updated firmware before sending it back and the pushback was there (which I am familiar with). I would get the pushback at 12.5-13mph while clocking with the app (been riding awhile and could judge the speed pretty good), but will have to check it with the app when fully geared.

    So, have you experienced the "jerk" motion when first mounting the board? This is my main concern at this point.

  • @kbern Thank you. I will give it some time. Hopefully I will have the same result. :smile:

  • My board definitely has an engagement jerk. Sometimes more than others, but I figured that was just more me and my balance or center mass at the point. I've noticed with people unfamiliar with the board it seems to be more aggressive but I figure that's because they're not as smooth with their balance.

    I've had the click while carving a few times, but never a lot and never to the point where I'm like hmmm....bad?

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