Who wants to Go One Wheeling @ ft Laud air show this weekend 5/7

  • ? I'm thinking this could be a fun meet up ride around, even if we can't get into the actual main event area, you can view it for miles around and people gather all over who is in?

  • Ok... Here is the video... Not amazing, but some fun


    If only I wasn't the only person :) I'd have some better OW shots :)
    I actually ran into a buddy and spent. Most of my time hanging with him. Gave a few demos... There were a handful of people that were willing to break into my conversation to ask me to turn the board on.

    And I did the standard demos for another half dozen people when I would take a break from riding. I included 1 in the edit. As a representation. The video is all from a helmet mounted go pro, so it's all shot via a "guess" :)

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