Getting OW tomorrow, Extreme or Classic? Footing?

  • Howdy,

    I'm getting my ow tomorrow and it's my first. I'm a decent snowboarder, novice skateboarder. Should I bother with classic mode at all? Should I just switch it to extreme right off the bat? Also I like to angle my front foot a bit forward but from reading all the posts it sounds like people prefer the sensors in front. Can you get away with an angled front foot with the sensors up front at speed?

    thanks for the newbie advice in advance!

  • @Dmonicle

    I always recommend Extreme (don't panic... it's just a name) and forget about Classic. I switched mine to Extreme before stepping on it the first time and haven't looked back. No issues here.

    And the way the sensors are set up, you can angle your foot a bit, as long as you're careful. Which is one of the many reasons having the sensors up front is recommended, so you can keep an eye on foot placement.

    While you ride, especially on rough terrain, you'll find your feet start to slip. It's okay to temporarily come off of ONE sensor while riding, but if you slip off both, the motor stops (otherwise it would keep going when you fall off).

  • @thegreck thank you sir,

    I got a couple dummy plugs for the charging port, other than gaffer/duct tape, does anyone have any advice on keeping the power button safe from the sand and surf?

  • Absolutely extreme mode..

  • @Dmonicle Don't bother with classic. You will just end up on the ground when you start to crave more speed. It's useless.

  • I always ride extreme on street and elevated off-road. Classic never. U could start on it. I did. Then I pushed it faster (normal extreme speed) and sprained my ankle. Ur prolly good right into extreme. Check out classic but yea..
    Me: sensor front. Front foot 45 degrees and back foot towards rear of deck parallel w tail edge
    Here's a vid of it NOT shutting off while riding on only one sensor at slow speed

  • I have only recently acquired a OneWheel and would say this in the way of advice: start on extreme (as a starter, the difference is miniscule when you're learning at lower speeds in my opinion so you might as well start on the setting you will use later). As for the foot, I personally use the sensor on the back foot due to the fact that I (like you) angle my front foot to turn and also tend to step off with my back foot first when I bail (motor cuts off and it won't run you over). Ultimately, it will end up being your preferences; test different ways, take some spills, and find out what ways work best for you!

  • Same here. Extreme. And practice dismounting.

  • Thanks for all the tips. Took my maiden voyage at low tide. Perfect way to get going!

  • @Dmonicle I am glad the first ride went well. I plan to use extreme or elevated starting out as the majority here have advised.

  • @LidPhones I use extreme for everything, works great, enjoy

  • Just picked mine up this morning, first thing I did before getting on was switch it to extreme. Have had no problems. Just take it slow.

  • As far a modes, extreme or elevated depending on terrain. I never tried classic.
    For foot position, I think people dwell on it too much. I have my feet all over the place and as long as some part of your foot is in the sensor area you should be fine as long as you can keep your feet flat on the OW. I think that what happens to some is that they are toes/heels in or out a bit and barley on one of the sensors. As they lean one way or the other, they press down on the heel and take weight off the toe (or the opposite) and that causes the problem. You want to keep a consistent pressure on the heel and toe always. When you wand to lean you just press more into the heel or toe but never release pressure. When standing in the OW correctly you should feel the entire weight of your body spread evenly throughout the bottoms of your feet.
    Think relaxed body, open joints, stacking of the spine, good posture and strong angles.
    Have fun

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