OMFG I am ecstatic

  • I got the email!! I ordered on July first and I am stoked as hell. I have a few rookie questions

    First charge? How long do you recommend for the first real charge? 20 minutes? 1 hr?

    Anything I should watch out for from your guy's experience? Do's and don'ts?

    Maintenance? Like if I just want to clean it up or after taking it to the beach?

    Any input you guys have where you thought " I should have done that" Please chime in. This will be greatly appreciated by me and other new onewheelers in this community. Thanks :)

  • Well there's a beginner tips thread which you can read.

    I should not have tried to ride it the first time in a small area with parked cars. Find an OPEN area with nothing to crash into within a few meters. Also start on a flat surface or, ideally, a lawn.

  • @Andrew thanks!!

  • Congrats!

  • Thanks @Nyc I'm hoping I get it tomorrow since I live in the same town it's ships from. If not I guess Monday cause Sunday nothing gets shipped yeah?

  • @DVO Definitely hit the beginners thread. It covers all of the major points:

    Welcome to the club and enjoy the ride!

  • thanks guys....just long were you riding before you switched to extreme?

  • @DVO I flipped to Extreme on day 2. The board is super easy to control, so you won't have to worry about it going too fast without your intentionally doing it. Honestly, the slower you go, the higher the chances of falling off while trying to carve a tight turn. Your forward momentum makes maneuvering much much easier. The only time I really fall while doing regular street riding is when I'm trying to balance at low speed at an intersection.

  • Got my board in April. Still riding Classic.

  • @dvo the thing that most confused me after unboxing was charging. I wanted to have it fully charged but after plugging it in the lights would turn on and the power brick led would stay green. Figured out soon enough that it just meant the board was fully charged and to give it a go. After riding just make sure each time you plug in that the LED on the brick turns red. If it stays green it means it's not charging and hours later or the next day you would try riding on an empty board. If it stays green hold the power button for several seconds and it will turn red which means it's charging. For all I know they have fixed this already though.

  • @Andrew said:

    Got my board in April. Still riding Classic.

    I can't tell if you're joking.... Really?

    How often do you ride?

    Not trying to be rude, but I'm honestly amazed. Have you ever tried switching for a ride?

  • I switched to extreme in about a half hour as I kept hitting pushback. But I'm proficient on a skateboard and love to snowboard. I've been surprised at how slow it is taking many to get used to riding but I can understand how people not used to balancing on a board might take more time. Also lets face the fact that most of us are not spring chickens which makes it even harder. I applaud anyone leaning how to ride onewheel without board experience especially if you are past your 20s.

  • @sidebox Not joking.

    I tried Extreme at the park and it seemed a bit faster but largely similar to Classic. I like to cruise slowly on footpaths and not wear a helmet. So when I get too comfortable and start speeding up, Classic pushes back and reminds me - hey dude, you have no helmet, keep the speed down.

  • @Andrew you are correct that there isn't a huge difference. Sounds like there used to be but fm has backed off and made it as safe as possible which basically just makes it a slightly faster version of classic now.

  • Thank you everyone for the input. It really helps!!

  • @Franky Yeah, I'm 38 and still proficient on a skateboard. Stop skating handrails at about 33. Board sport wise I pick up pretty well

  • @DVO No need to charge it. As you know from all the waiting you had to do, boards are being made to order. This means the board is shipped to you right after being made.

    We test them and fully charge them before packing which means your board was fully charged this week. Should still be at 100%.


  • @Julian Thank you so much!! I really appreciate all the hard work the team at FM does. #TeamOneWheel

  • @Andrew @enjoi @DVO : I think there's a lot of confusion about "Extreme" mode. It's no "faster" than classic mode... you control how fast or slow your Onewheel goes in any mode. IMO it is way more difficult (and less enjoyable) riding in "Classic" mode because the constant pushback makes it really difficult to control (and enjoy) the board. I also have never felt control differences in Extreme mode... if anything I think it controls better. The only difference I've noticed in Extreme mode is that it gives me a higher top speed before pushback.

    Like @sidebox and @Franky, I switched to "Extreme" within an half hour of getting the board and it made learning and riding so much easier. There's really no downside as you can go as slow as you want, it just raises your top speed.

    Honestly, I don't understand why anyone would ride in Classic mode, ever.

  • @Dvo
    as soon as you get your board go to a park with trees and rip around on the grass/small hills, carve through trees. fun and less scary cuz theres no bonesmashjng pavement

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