A failure to plan is a plan to fail

  • In driver's Ed they taught to always expect the other driver to do the wrong thing. I use that every drive.
    In Electrical work I teach people, when dealing with ANY wires to always expect them to be hot, even after testing to be dead.
    Moral of the tangent: always keep present in your mind and muscles the possibility of an instant, unexpected and abrupt dumping of the rider at all times while you are considered the rider.
    This 99.6 percently happens over the frontal and it's not pleasant. By becoming into this mindset, you shall be prepared as best you can to "run it out" or at least "tuck n roll".
    Never forget that you ARE in fact on the most complex electric skateboard in the world right now.. bear with it..
    Happy shredding

  • I get asked a lot... Is it dangerous? It looks dangerous? Your wearing all that gear?

    1. I'm wearing standard roller blading pads it's really not all that... I don't see people flipping out about people the dangers of rollerblading.

    2. You don't wear the seatbelt in your car for your driving you wear it for the other drivers on the road... The known unknowns.

    3. Regardless of the above, there is not much seperating you and the road at high speed on a OW and as opposed to a bicycle there is a computer intermediary that has some control and decision making and without any notice in the equation, so as opposed to when I first learned, I actually wear more pads now.. Backwards I know, but I am more daring and travel at faster speeds. Crash less but, if/ when I do, it will likely be more spectacular and throwing on some elbow pads really no big deal.

    That's my philosophy... :)