Gently used onewheel for sale less then a month

  • Well due to some sudden unexpected new family members, I need to sell my one wheel. : / - Need to buy a bigger car instead..

    Purchased directly from onewheel. - I have copies of the receipts and the warranty. It's about 3.5 weeks old ish. - Haven't even got it off road yet unless you call left over road sand on the sidewalk off road.

    There is some minor wear in the frame as-expected from the first 30 minutes of riding. Tires of course still have their rubber hairs.

    Warranty is still intact and has not been registered.
    All original packaging still in hand so I'll ship it to you.

    Asking $1,300 and price includes shipping.

    303-nine zero flve -1977

  • @BURTON303 Unexpected new family members? So... congratulations on having triplets?

  • Ha, thanks and thankfully no. Just one. Guess I should re-state that. I have an unexpected (as always) new family member. - But I suppose you could say family members since my wifes mother has to move in with us : )

  • You have any pictures ? Post please. I may know somebody that's looking

  • I'm interested. Six one six 780-317 one

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