Closest coolest thing to Onewheel...

  • I've been wanting one for a while but they are to much money

  • That's one problem.
    And the other, it's not like you can throw it in the trunk. :)

  • Looks like loads of fun for all seasons but agree would be quite heavy to transport to cool spots to tear up!

  • Yep I have been watching this product for a few years now. Last I seen they still were not able to sell in the USA yet, that was in mid 2015.

  • @Dude Just found this on bpgwerks community page, looks like your wait might be soon over.
    "After years of waiting from enthusiasts and years of hard work by BPG Werks the Shredder engine has passed EPA certification. The EPA certification has been the major hold up keeping you and me from owning a DTV Shredder. Basically without this certification in hand BPG couldn't sell the Shredder without facing massive fines. It is incredibly good news as it was a major engineering challenge to pass the test (more below). Now that the certification is in hand Bend and BPG Werks will be making an official announcement soon with details on how pre-order customers can get their Shredders as well as where you'll be able to buy one retail."

  • Interesting. I knew it was an EPA Certification hold up for the longest time. With my Onewheel now I don't think I will be riding a Shredder any time soon. Still an awesome Device and I would love to test one out.

  • I would maybe buy one if it was electric... This thing is loud, heavy, and likely smells like gas... Not for me... Still pretty cool though. If I had a farm and lived in Ohio I would be all over that sh*t!

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