Speedometer in App?

  • Hi
    Is there another way to see your speed while riding other than on the settings page?
    Between the tiny font size and grey text on a slightly different color grey back ground it does not lend itself to easy reading. A little sun and forget about it.
    If that's the only way to see the speed how about making a dash board users could use to add different stats to, like a speedometer widget, amp draw, lean angle w warning buzzer?


  • @wr420 There are a lot of apps that have speedometers on them (along with other helpful info). Try Cyclemeter or MyTracks.

  • i'm using speedtracker ,which is free and show you many things including speed and max speed..

  • Thanks, I'll try them out tonight.

  • HI
    So I tried the Cyclemeter app and I am left wondering how accurate the speed is. After my first run it showed a top speed of 13.5 mph and it seemed accurate because I wasn't pushing it too much past the point of push back which is supposedly around 13mph in extreme. On my second run I was pushing harder to the point the motor started making a horrid noise/vibration and the OW got pretty unstable. When I checked my speed when I got home it said over 18mph. So if the reported speed on these GPS apps if not very accurate(or maybe it is and I was actually going that fast) it brings me back to my original question about improving the OW app to get the info straight from the source. Either that or I will have to build the card board box like one of the other members did so he could video his phone running the OW app with another phone.
    So do you think the speed measured by these apps is believable?


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