Changing the tyre pressure instead of the digital shaping.

  • Am I the only one who alters the tyre pressure instead of the shaping to change the ride characteristics?
    I personally find digital shaping rather useless and just simply leave it on extreme.
    I weight 55kgs and normally leave the tyre pressure at 16psi in order to allow me to get through my 13km commute without running out battery. When I ride for fun however, I bleed the pressure all the way down to 10-12 psi for a much more smooth ride.

    I'm interested to see what pressure values you guys run at.

  • I'm 113kg and usually do everything in extreme mode with 22 psi lol

  • @Tartopom That's WAY too high of a psi in my opinion. Little bumps in the road will throw you off the board with the pressure that high. Take it down to around 15psi and try it out. You might like the experience a lot more, as having a bit of play in the wheel acts as a shock absorber and allows for easier turning.

  • Yes there are many topics on this. I ride at 14 PSI on road and off and I find it a good middle ground for control and cushion over bumps.

  • I messed around with different psi.
    It's really a personal preference.
    I found 20 to be perfect all around. Makes carving smoother.
    As for bumps and potholes, bending the knees and try to spring them like a shock absorber is key.

  • @thegreck honestly it could happen if I was 55kg, but at 113kg, it doesn't throw me off the board, and I'm riding more or less any kind of terrain. But I will try to decrease to 15 Psi just to test, i'm just afraid to loose too much range. I hardly get more than 5km on mine due to my weight and my roads lol

  • @Tartopom I'm in the US, and 113 kilograms sounded light to my metric-ignorant brain... but I did a kilograms to pounds conversion on Google, and yeah it sounds like you're a decent sized dude. Maybe try somewhere in between 15 and 22 and see what works best for you?

  • @thegreck yes, exactly what I will do :) I was running at 20psi when I bought it. at 22psi, it's nice on pavement, but seems less capable off road, so I will check a lower pressure to see what happens :)

  • I have never checked my PSI and I still rage on or off road.

  • I'm 190 pounds and ride 14-15psi and get full range.. To much air pressure is just making it a hard ride..

  • I had the tire pressure from probable 10 to maybe 20 until I got the digital gage, when I could really dial it in, the analog gage wasn't really accurate. But once I got it around 14. Then it got really nice. And I am weigh 230 pounds cause I'm fat.... At least for this crowd :)

    But seriously, i didn't like riding at those high pressures at all. But also I was just learning then to. The digital gage is key if your going to mess with it though.... It's so sensitive...

  • I always ride at 20 psi because I want to go as fast as possible and I don't want to burden the motor unnecessarily. Like sonny, I use my bent knees to absorb bumps just like when I snowboard. If the motor can handle the extra load I might experiment with tire pressure a little . But if that is the case then I want to go faaasterrr! I use an app called cycle droid to check my speed and I show that I top out at 12.9 mph! I really want more speed.

  • @donny h Might be the app that is more of an issue than tire pressure. I used a similar cycle app and it said I was going 19+mph w/ 15psi in the tire. I'm not saying I don't go fast BUT, 19mph? skeptical to say the least. Are these things even capable of that speed? So my point is until we can get trustworthy speed measurements ie from the ow app that is hopefully using rotations of the known circumference of the tire or do video record the ow app in real time as you drive with another device I don't think we have any idea of how fast we are gong. I know the ow app does give a mph/kph, but there is no way in hell I'm trying to look at my phone at that speed.

    Anyone have any other suggestions for getting an accurate speed measurement?
    Does that android app made by one of the members here give a top speed after a ride?


  • I had trouble with reach on my board, realised that i had a VERY low presure and pumped it up to 30psi (2bar) and that fixed it. Now I get craploads longer on a charge, and as a snowboarder i just wiggle past debre or ledges and dont get stuck ^^

  • @BadWolf 30psi??? Are you rolling down the street or bouncing?

  • @BadWolf there goes your warranty.

    I weigh 200lbs and i ride mine between 15-18

  • I checked with a digital meter at the gas station, it said 1.3 bar, even under 20 psi. Still, its on the top end and i get great range!

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