Test ride in Anchorage, AK?

  • I have been talking myself into buying a onewheel for months, but can't seem to pull the trigger without trying one first. Saw one in person for the first time a couple weeks ago and was wondering if anyone in or near Anchorage, AK has one that they would be willing to let me test ride? I'll generously compensate you with beer.

  • Get one!

  • Welp, I just bit the bullet and ordered one. No luck on the test ride. This will either be one of the best or worst decisions I've made. Get ready for some midnight sun summertime AK onewheel videos, I'll try to get some moose and bears in there too.

  • Odds are it'll be one of the best purchases.

    I tell you, at first i had my doubts about keeping it.
    Once you get comfortable with it, it'll be daily must.
    I do several runs a day.
    Take your time with the learning process. it comes gradually.
    Nail mount/dismount first.
    I spent an evening mounting/dismounting by the railings.

  • You will absolutely love it. The "Midnight Sun Rides" will be awesome.... ha ha You could call it "Midnight Sun Run"

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