First ride!

  • Ordered my OW May 4 and it arrived today, woot! Spent a few minutes learning how to ride on it and then took it for a ride. Logged about 8.5 miles on it so far, with about 4 of those offroad (dirt road and some sand). Handles various surfaces really well!

    But I can tell how out of shape I am that just riding around on it exhausted me. My legs are burning! Of course that's probably also technique - being it's my first time on one, my technique is pretty poor and I'm probably spending a lot more time actively balancing than I should.

    Anyway, very excited and looking forward to improving. :-)

    alt text

  • @nautiboy This is Awesome, You will so get better the more you ride. My legs killed me the first few rides I did as well, and It will get better and better. So much fun!!

  • Awesome post and great pic! Thanks for sharing. It's always exciting the first ride.

  • @nautiboy congrats man ! welcome to the OW-fam haha. yeah, i remember when i first started - those sore calves and shins .. to be honest: it's always good if you try to Balance even though the OW does most of the job in this regard. it will help you to recover easily from drops and bumps in the long run. saved me a few times from hitting pavement - especially in the beginning.

    a few thoughts: just keep it down a notch when talking about speed on rough terrain an asphalt. don't go for max speed yet. in fact, what i suggest is to change to "elevated" mode so you get a feel for when you're going too fast. if you only practice riding in "extreme", the pushback is way to subtle and you might miss it. elevated is actually very suitable for starting out. all the friends i showed how to ride preferred elevated. pushback kicks in more noticeably and you can't ride at the OWs limit yet.

    oh and: DANG that OW looks clean... mine's pretty banged up and scratched by now. not that i don't like the look it's gotten. it's just that i'm not used to see a "new" onewheel these days haha. keep on riding man! and never forget: ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET.

  • A beat up Onewheel shows character and charisma.. lol..

    Now I only ride elevated. it's a blast.
    Not that I speed, it just feels more in control to me.

    Again, psi and mode is strictly a personal preference..

  • When I first started riding the only thing that was sore were my feet. But I had to wait a month for mine to arrive so I prepared my legs for what I assumed they would be in for and it worked! Didn't realize how much my feet were going to have to work though...

  • Awesome man! Enjoy it. Work those feet muscles!

    Remember to take it easy. Learn the limits. It helped me riding and testing on some really short grass for a week, if you can find it.

    I too really like elevated. But, recently riding extreme on road sessions.

  • Thanks everyone! Still having fun riding when I can take breaks from work. I've gone about 20 miles in total so far (yesterday and today).

    I'm sure there are tons of threads on the board behavior - I'm going to start searching/reading through them. But one thing I've been noticing is that as I cruise for a little while at moderate speed (maybe 75% in classic mode), it starts to go more nose-up. At first I thought it was just something wonky with my riding style (I'm having a hard time not using my normal snowboarding style, which is very forward-facing with pretty steep foot angles, which doesn't seem to work so well on the OW) and that it only felt like it was going nose-up, but I've been looking down at the board more to see its angle and I'm clearly accelerating with the nose pointed up. While I haven't tried elevated mode yet, it's basically what I would expect elevated mode to be like. If I bring it back to a stop and then start going again, it's "normal" for a while and then starts going nose up again.

    Is this "as designed"?

    Also took my first tumble today. I was headed up a hill and things were fine, just cruisin' along and it started to go more nose up again and then it accelerated a bit more (I wasn't (consciously) trying to accelerate - seemed to do it on its own - but who knows maybe I did it), I backed off and felt like everything was stabilized then the nose just dove and I went over the front. Other than a skinned elbow, all was fine. Hopped back on and continued back up the hill with no issues and headed home. Dunno exactly what happened there. When I was a snowboard instructor I used to joke with my students that there were snow snakes that would grab the board and make them tumble. Maybe I encountered an asphalt snake? :-)

  • hi @nautiboy. well, this is exactly what is described as a pushback because of too high speed (can also happen, if your battery is too low. but i find this to be too unreliable which is why i occasionally check the battery on my watch or phone). what happens is, that your board recognises that you're trying to push it to its designated speedlimit (depends on the riding mode. in classic it's kicking in way too early and very noticeably, in elevated you can get way faster and the pushback is still very easy to notice and then in extreme, pushback is kicking in very subtly.. it's sometimes hard to notice, especially when going fast on rough terrain. reading your comment i'm thinking: Switch to elevated (not extreme, if you're still learning..) and get a feel for the board's Limits.also, practice riding on rough terrain and then switch to asphalt, it will help you gain confidence. third: keep your centre of gravity in line with te wheel itself and keep balaning actively, that's a big help in dealing with sudden dives..

  • Very correct what chabis said...

    At first my legs were also hurting, but this goes away pretty quickly.
    What still hurts sometimes are the soles of my feet, also I sometimes get the feeling of sleeping feet (is that an expression in English? :) )

  • Ahh.... very helpful @chabis ! Thanks. I was expecting something different when pushback was described. And I didn't think/expect that I was getting close to the limit - I guess I was going faster than I thought (or it's kicking in earlier than I would expect). And it seems like pushback actually encourages you to go faster because with it going nose-up like that it requires even more of a move backward to slow it down. Or maybe that's just me ...

    I was considering trying the other modes to see how things differed, but I was trying not to do too much too soon so thought it was best to spend all my initial learning time in classic mode. I'll try out the other modes and see how they behave.

    And yes, I've actually been doing a lot of my initial learning on rough terrain. What I've been doing is I spend about 10min or so in the parking lot next to my house practicing turns of various shapes, then I spend a few minutes going along some of the sidewalks and asphalt paths, and then I take it to the levy which is rough dirt&rock&sand with potholes and such - it's 1.5 miles to the end which ends is in a neighborhood where I do a few streets with hills (very few cars) and then I turn around and come back. Throw it on the charger and get back to work until next time I can take a break.

  • @nautiboy Pushback is actually literally going faster. That's the only way possible for it to push you back, is by trying to outrun you. It's just a warning, so you should just sit tight for a second until it slows on its own, and not try to tilt the deck even further back.

  • I took the advice of a few people and went straight to extreme mode as soon as I unboxed it. As a fellow snowboarder I tried my foot turned a little bit forward. Now I keep it straight to keep better contact with the sensors. Welcome to the onewheel community. I really like the picture

  • Whooaaa .... what a difference the mode makes! I did my usual warm up and route in elevated mode. So much more comfortable and seems to match my riding style much better. It also seemed to handle the rough road and trails much more easily. Wish I had tried changing modes earlier! Maybe next time I'll try extreme.

    Thanks for the advice and help everyone!

  • @nautiboy Extreme and Elevated are basically the same, Elevated just considers level to be nose slightly up.

  • Yeah, both extreme and elevated are sooooooooooooo much nicer - at least for my riding style. Much more comfortable and much less strain. I used to have to stop for a couple minutes about half-way through my 5 mile loop to let my legs recover. In both elevated and extreme I can do the full loop comfortably without stopping.

    Apparently when I was in classic mode, most of the time I was riding in pushback mode and I was fighting/struggling to keep it there (not realizing it was actually in pushback). D'Oh!

    I've seen mention of some custom apps which let you get at more info than the standard app. Are they only on android, or are there any on iOS (if so do they require jailbreak?)? Any of them tell you the lifetime miles on the board? I've sort of been keeping track in my head and I think I'm around 45 miles now, but it would be nice to see the actual number. I'm kind of surprised the official app doesn't show you this info ...

    Anyhoo - having a real blast. What a great product!

  • @nautiboy the only app not made by FM is pOWheel made by forummember @kwatts and is only available on Android.

  • Today I tried taking it to the top of that point in the background of the photo in my first post. It managed to haul my 200 and <cough cough> pound ass to the top and back. Dirt and rock path. Pretty damned impressive! But of course y'all knew that already!

    I like how I can switch from extreme to elevated and back without stopping. In these days of gps disabling entry while moving, it's a welcome touch. Now if they would just change the color of the font on the settings screen so that you can actually read it without plastering your eyeball to the screen, that'd be really awesome.

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