Wishlist that acknowledges tradeoffs

  • Obviously it's easy to list everything you want without considering the trade-offs, but this is my attempt to choose improvements while sacrificing other wish list items.

    1. Power -larger motor size, over range and cost
    2. Weight - Carbon fiber, smaller footpads, over cost
    3. Size - smalelr foot pads (smaller lever) for higher speed, lighter weight, over range and cost
    4. Even more extreme modes or use at your own risk customizable settings, over safety

    That's all I care about, anyway :)

  • @aris I've wondered what the ride would be like if the footpads were just barely bigger than your feet. Seems like the probability of nosediving would go down significantly, since the board could compensate for tilt much more easily by increasing speed, but I don't know what kind of a sacrifices of handling there would be. Or how idiotic we would look.

    On the issue of weight, I don't think the frame is the culprit, since it's made of aluminum... I think most of the weight is coming from the motor + battery. If you make the motor lighter you sacrifice speed, and if you make the battery lighter you sacrifice range.

  • I would like to have a slightly lager onewheel
    ~3 cm more width total to give more place fot the feets on the footpads
    ~5 cm more lenght total to give slightly more space for a larger motor and more batteries

    i think this will still keep it small enough.
    the main reason for this is, that i would like to have a slightly larger diameter of that tire (lets say + 4 cm)
    -> to have a larger, even more porefull motor in it
    -> to have about 2 cm more ground clearence for even more offorad capabilities
    -> the additional space should be used to double up the battery cells (50% of it for the stronger engine and to compensate the slightly additonal weight, the other 50% to extend the range)

    obviously i would be happy to trade in a little bit of extra weight (~1,5kg) and have it a little bit larger.

    they could just continue producing the current models (because they are fine for most people I think) and add a more expensive "extreme edition"; -)

  • @cr4p Would you like the tire to have tread?

  • @thegreck : mhm, to be honest I just don't know. before i have had a onewheel i always thought that would be cool, but know that i am used to it, I thing it works pretty well without it and i haven't had problems with the current tire even in rough terrain.

    I think thats a question you could just answer after you have tried it.
    what do you think?

  • @cr4p I agree. It seems to handle and grip much better than I would've imagined it would, even on wet pavement. But I'd be willing to try it out!

  • @thegreck I agree I'd like to try tread, especially in the woods. The problem I forsee with tread is decreased range, and how much Crap it would pickup and either gum up the fender or if riding without fender deposit onto the deck and shoes. The slick already does plenty of that.

  • @thegreck I think the bigger issue would be there might not be room for the battery plus the rub pad? But I still want smaller footpads for lighter weight and less dive leverage. And yeah, the carbon fiber doesn't save much weight, but it'd be badass.

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