How did you hear about the Onewheel?

  • Nobody knows what the hell this is where I'm from.
    So how'd you come to find it?
    Here's my adventure:
    -about 6 months or so ago I Googled "things you can ACTUALLY buy off kickstarter". Brought me to a blog with a list of items and the onewheel was one of them. At the time I didn't have the money so i just forgot about it.
    -a month ago my gf was talking about a hoverboard she wanted (the kind wiz prob got arrested on) and so I looked it up and started finding reviews on youtube which brought me to casey nastiats channel. He was reviewing the hoverboard and on the suggested videos I seen a familiar board, the onewheel. He basically said the onewheel blows the plastic hoverboard out the doors.

    • came here and read your reviews and youtube reviews.
      -ordered the onewheel
      -browsing instagram I find out a surfshop in Seattle has a onewheel in Stock.I cancel my order and jump through some more hoops and i end up spending more money but got the onewheel 3 days ago. 2 week wait.

  • Casey Neistat's review. Best promo money onewheel has spent, sending a OW to an influencer with a spendy audience.

    I was on the fence due to lack of more in-depth reviews and ride videos online, but once I started reading the boards here it tipped me over the edge and I'm about to buy my second one for trips with friends.

  • Saw it on Kickstarter, backed it on Kickstarter.

    Best advertisements seen so far? Various press at tradeshows. Recommend attend every CES type thing for the next two years.

  • I first saw the story on theverge way back in jan of 14. Thought it looked cool but also thought if done poorly it could be a total mess which is why I didn't back.

    What peaked my interests again was the stories from ces 2015 with actual production units. Probably forgot about it again but somehow for my attention this march to see if I could find actual user feedback that this product lived up to the hype. That's when I started searching online for owners feedback. Not much was online but thankfully someone started a fb
    Group and got confirmation that it was very good. Then I ordered and have never looked back. If my board disappeared over night, I'd have my order in for a new one first thing in the morn.

  • Two years ago I first saw the fm team making a promotional video on pacific beach for the kickstarter program. I watched them ride for about 10 or so minutes before they left, and everyone was starting to bug them. I was able to acquire a name of the board by over hearing someone say it, so I followed fm online until I had the money to order about one a year and a half later.

  • @Franky I'm with Franky. I saw it on a blog, started researching it. Then I realized Sam Sheffer from the Verge was all into these electric boards and had the same interests/reasons I did. I kept emailing or tweeting him to try the onewheel again this last year at CES. Once I saw that all the changes that made the board better, almost sold. Then it became the internal battle with my brain and cheap ass,. Finally realizing life was too short after a personal thing in my life happened, I said f it and bought it. No one gets it or understands how I can so easily justify the cost...till you ride one.

  • Saw it on KSer and was my first ever backed project. Had high expectations and when it finally came to fruition, I was stoked. Unfortunately it also gave my a unrealistic impression of other projects, thinking other prototypes on KSer will be as amazing as the OW. So many other projects are BS. To this day, the OW is and will most likely be one of the best projects ever on KSer.

  • I saw a YouTube video of the OW at CES. It may have been coverage from The Verge.

  • Kickstarter a while back, and then when googling adding an electric motor to my dirtsurfer I stumbled across the Onewheel and decided to break the bank . . .

  • Casey Neistat's vlog. I watched him get the stupid two wheel self balancing things and then FM sent him the OW. It was between this and the Boosted board he seems to ride a lot. I chose this because it seems more fun, whereas the Boosted seems more practical as a travel board (due to weight).

  • I had just created an Instagram feed and discovered @rideonewheel during a search for things I'm into. My reaction was the same as when I discovered Family Guy, "Are these people reading my mind!" That was five months ago.

  • I did some DMT and it came to me in a vision. I knew I had to get it........

    Also did a lot of research to find the perfect board to walk my dog with on trails, beach and streets.

  • got high, browsed youtube, pulled out credit card

    the rest is history

  • Saw the vid FM put on youtube, dreamed for half a year, then ordered...

  • Coworker brought his into work. Really big building. It made getting around extremely convenient, particularly when carrying cups with liquids. (The alternative are these Razor kick scooters which I seem to be unable to use one-handed...)

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