WTF onewheel shut down again while riding at high speed!

  • Not sure what's going on the App needs to have some sort of log. I was ridding along and all the sudden the onewheel stopped, like full wheel lockup! I walk over and it starts up and runs fine, it should never hard stop while in motion!!

  • @parrothd Were you riding up a hill by chance?

  • Nope...Flat ground like 12mph and then flew into a wall..

  • Can you give us more details? What percentage of battery life? Was it hot weather? Do you ride with your foot slanted on the blue strip? Notice anything different from the rides before??? etc.

  • I'm curious about what happened, too.

    That said, the software for the OW should be designed so that the product fails gracefully. There are a lot of stories on this forum about people being thrown by the device coming to an abrupt halt when the rider is still aboard and underway. I don't want to be That Guy.

    Crap - too late!

  • Today, was just riding home from work, nothing extreme, going in a straight line on the side walk. Probably 10-12?mph, I heard the onewheel grinding(probably the front), then I realized I was flying thru the air. When I get back to it the light was still on, I hopped on and it acted normal. Checked the battery and it was 20%... I didn't have to restart it...Rode it home, charged it and rode another 7 miles without incident. When I got back I noticed the battery was %1..

    I don't get any battery warnings from the board only when I open the app.

    I'm not sure what others experience but I can lift my heel/toe off the sensor while in motion and it keeps going. Only when I'm stopped the board shuts down. Jumping off curbs I lose contact with it and it keeps going. Today I found this really cool downhill Switchback sidewalk, I noticed on my heel side turns my toes weren't on the board anymore.. :)

  • Also, I think the 3034 update kinda sucks. Wish I hadn't taken it...Board is a lot slower acceleration wise..

  • I definitely agree on the acceleration. I just updated and I noticed that in grass or slight hills I am not getting the same level of acceleration I had in extreme prior to updating. Also the deceleration is much more gradual. I hope that the fear of "tort" hasn't forced FM to whack the nerf bat at the Onewheel's settings.

  • I've never had battery pushback yet either... I've ridden it down to 1% and still no pushback... so I am a bit scared at some point I won't realise how low the battery actually is and it may just drop dead on me... At what percentage is battery pushback supposed to kick in?

  • @bart that last percent can last a while. This weekend I got back from a ride with 1% and decided to ride back and forth to see what total range I could get until low battery pushback. Seems like I rode another half mile before it kicked in. Since your board has never hard stopped due to lack of battery you should not be fearful that it would since the low battery pushback should kick in which is a safe way of stopping you. I would try riding until you experience it when you have time just to ease your mind.

  • @Franky good idea - will try that and report back in due course!

    I did get thrown off on the grass once and then the board had turned itself off; when I turned it back on the battery was at 10% so I wasn't sure whether the board throwing me off had anything to do with low battery pushback that I ignored/missed but that mustn't have been the case if it only kicks in once it is down to well into 1%...

    still don't know why it threw me off and why the board had turned itself off then though...?

  • Grass can be somewhat bouncy. Anytime I have ever become separated from my board is when my front foot become separated from the sensor. Thus far, I have only fallen on grass.

  • @DocBlock, yep I've had my fair share of hard stops but most of them came as a new rider and still happens rarely when I'm pushing it off road or messing around with my sensor foot on road.

    I only had one hard stop on pavement soon after I got my board where I thought I hadn't moved my sensor foot.
    After that I was too nervous to ride with hands in my pockets and paid more attention to the sensor.
    Thankfully that hasn't happened again so I assume it was my fault without knowing it.

  • With the 3034 update I can nose down on starts and stops. I think they over did the muting..

    Anyone else getting a groaning chirping noise? Usually I get the chirp/burrp when overdoing the speed but now it's at slower speeds...

  • Make the vid public.

  • Sorry about that...

  • Mine is identical. I would send the vid to FM and see what they think.

  • I actually feel the vibration more than the sound, is that what yours does? It's like a buurrp burrp churrrp...

  • Yeah and of course today when I tried to film it I couldn't replicate the problem. It happens when I make a turn and then continues. I have a feeling my sensor has an issue also. It was never that sensitive when launching and now my foot must cover the entire sensor area to launch.

  • I've had two hard stops so far while learning and ran it out both times, touch wood. Both times I think I was simply accelerating too fast (which is kinda annoying but oh well). Have had the foot come off the sensor a few times bouncing around but somehow managed to keep going.

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