WTF onewheel shut down again while riding at high speed!

  • @dcarstens Yikes. Not sure what its exactly meant to do but I know mine starts just pushing back alot til it starts to die. My first thought is usually that maybe I accidently ended up in classic mode only to find battery is dying. So basically a slow rolling stop.

  • @dcarstens Did you not get the 'low battery pushback'?

  • Couple weeks ago I had a glitch too! Ridding at medium speed, extreme mode, 70% battery. I was ridding straight next to my girlfriend while she was ridding her bike and I was chatting with her and next thing I was in the air! The board dropped the nose and threw me out, got some good scrapes and bruises. I got back to my board and it was still on, I got back on very cautious and rode away!

  • @Polle I did get the pushback, but was still a mile away from civilization so tried to get a little more ride out of it after getting worn down carrying it. Pushed it too far.

  • This post is deleted!

  • After I first got my board I road till low battery pushback, then powered back up and got another quarter mile before the low battery pushback kicked in. This week I tried that again but instead of getting pushback, the battery just died and I flew forward. Lesson learned.

    And for all those random shutdowns people experience, there are two reasons it happens and they are both rider error:

    1. your foot moves off the sensors unintentionally and you get thrown.
    2. you push too hard and your nose catches the ground and you get thrown.

    We know this to be rider error because universally this stops happening the more experience you have riding. The boards are not improving...the riders are.

    For those who think they need to make the board so safe that you can never nose dive because of rider error, they need to buy one of those big plastic bubble balls and spend their life in there.

  • @dcarstens said:

    Pushed it too far.

    There, you said it yourself :)

  • @Franky I did that once, powecycling on low batt. pushback. Wrote about it here somewhere as well.
    I really really really do not recommend it :)

  • @Franky said:

    We know this to be rider error because universally this stops happening the more experience you have riding. The boards are not improving...the riders are.

    @Franky gets all the up votes for this. Well said sir.

  • I really think choice of shoes has a lot to do with this. Athletic shoes are not the best for this, as crosstrainers and other types do not have flat enough soles to always keep pressure evenly on the sensor.

    Skateboard shoes exist for a reason. I highly recommend wearing those types of shoes (or others that are completely flat) for a much more controlled ride. It's a major difference and unfortunate lesson that many inexperienced riders (or people without skateboarding experience such as myself) had to learn the hard way.

  • My second (oldest) onewheel started making the groaning/chirping noise tonight!

    According to the youtube user who spoke with FM, it's caused by a loose cable inside. I wonder if that's just an early-gen problem? I've ridden my "younger" OW far more and even on the beach / crazy conditions / travel and had zero issues.

  • Had my first nose down toss today. No fun and hurt. Riding in classic mode, pavement and accelerated hard while already moving. Couldn't run it out and took a big dive into the pavement. Thought I broke my hand but got lucky. Just some scrapes, torn clothes, swollen hand and bruised pride.

    From now on helmet and gloves/braces. Nice little warning that even a toy as fun as this can still bite you.

  • @k3rm1t Someone is going to say it sooner or later, so might as well be me.
    Try the extreme mode. Be careful, but try it.
    Most, if not all, here thinks that extreme mode is easier and safer. Even though top speed is higher.
    "Go slow and use protection", if you know what I mean ;)

  • Has OW responded to this? I have the same grinding sound (sometimes) and have also had high speed cutout. The most recent one was flat concrete, foot perfectly positioned and battery lasted another km.

  • Same thing happened to me. Board seemed to speed up first then nose dive at high speed. Flat ground going straight, foot on sensor, 70% battery and WHAM!? I love my onewheel but riding in fear of the dreaded nosedive puts a little damper on the riding experience.

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