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  • @parrothd Hmm - I see what your saying. I'll look into doing something when it disconnects (keeping a few stats but clearing out the rest). I also noticed it disconnects sometimes when the screen is off, will look into that. Also a long vibrate option if it disconnects might be helpful.

    I'm digging the custom lights after finding the settings on the board (and in my last update). Messing around with having both red/white on and having both front/back white really lights up the place.

  • @wr420 I currently am storing the top speed for the duration that the app is up and running. If you stop/restart it loses the top speed. If people really like the top speed feature I'll add an option to store/persist it (or/and add a trip topspeed and lifetime top speed). Although lifetime would be different the lifetime miles setting, which is pulled and stored on the OW board so would have to call it something else...

  • @kwatts thanks for app. I need to upgrade my old galaxy 3 before I can use it though. I'm not sure what I want more, a go pro, or a new phone!

  • @kwatts tried new release last night :-) custom light is quite fun, I'm sure you could go further with blinking for example.
    Also I still need to disconnect and scan again to refresh the mode of the onewheel otherwise it is not accurate.
    Oh and since last update the screen is not enough big to display all the information and I can't scroll down... any hints?
    Keep up the good job @kwatts , your app is already better than the official one :-)

  • @Tartopom Ahh, I'll scale down the fonts or make font size a setting.

    The refresh/accuracy stats - I can have them blanked out unless the OW is connected. I kind of liked having them persist to look at after the ride, maybe I'll add a "last ride" for a few stats (total distance, top speed, etc)

    Glad your digging the lights. I'll add a few presets, blinking, waves... any others let me know

  • @Tartopom oh you meant them ride mode, I'll fix that

  • @kwatts if you can make a K2000 it would be awesome ;)
    Yes I was speaking about the ride mode :)
    Also, can you make the kmh settings persistents? I have to select it each time I start the app, it's a bit boring :)

  • @kwatts I send you a screenshot of my phone so you can fix the font issue :-)

  • @Tartopom got it, thanks. I'll work on cleaning this up for next release.

  • Wow! Now you have an Apple guy wishing he had an android! Nice job!

  • iOS! iOS!

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