Disengage questions

  • Does this need to be completely at "level" to disengage? I understand I can be off sensor by half and it will. My problem seems when I come to level, and slightly start to reverse, toe up...heel off sensor, it won't disengage.

    Also, I had an odd jump dismount which resulted in a flipped board and a ghost riding upside down Onewheel for a a couple feet it seemed...? Even the wife had "holy shit"

    On average how long is it taking for others boards to disengage?

    Thanks guys!

  • Once you come to complete stop, no need to reverse.
    Just lift your heel and you'll feel the disengage.
    I spent an evening just learning to mount and dismount by the railings,
    with each dismount, I was holding to the railing before dismount.
    Then it becomes natural.

  • @Santoki It does take about a second to disengage after you jump off, that's normal. It's a safety feature, so that if your foot loses contact with the sensor while riding (like when going over a bump, or doing a 360 trick) that the board doesn't instantly stop.

  • @thegreck thanks. Have you ever had your motor seem to speed up after a level jump dismount?

  • @Santoki I never jump off to dismount, unless by accident... But I can see how that might happen. You have to jump off with both feet perfectly to keep the board from not tilting a bit, which could cause it to shoot out.

  • Sometimes when I am waiting to cross the street and I'm standing still for a while will lose my balance and jump back and I catch the board with my foot if it tries to take off. That being said, the instinct to catch the board could be the reason that it takes off upon dismount. Maybe I hop off front foot low anticipating it taking off.

  • For a graceful dismount and predictable sensor disengagement every time try rotating your foot at the heel to get your toe a bit more forward on the board before lifting your heel.

  • Yea I don't know why they tend to the heel lift in the factory tips..
    more stable.
    Swing your toes towards the nose and leave your heel put

  • @kbman yeah I've been trying to heel pivot. It seems to throw my balance off more so than the heel lift. I'm trying though.

    I'm just kinda sketched out about riding this around more people and property than I do now. The times that the dismount and disengage go awry, and I jump, the board seems to get I mind of its own and takes off(speeds up) sans rider. This weekend, the upside board speeding down the street this weekend really worried me.

    I'll have try some more "scenario" tests.

    I've had this for about a month, riding about every weekend, coulee weekdays, and I've noticed my sensor pad grip tape starting to bubble a bit(nickel size). Approx tire side, right on the verge of a blue square. Board is stored inside, never ridden in wet weather.

    As always thanks for the replies

  • If you jump off while OW is leveled, nothing should happen.
    If it tilts while jumping off, you may get a slingshot effect,
    as it's still engaged and tilted to whichever direction it's going.
    I only jump off when necessary.
    Once you bring it to a stand still, or below .5 mile mph,
    and you lift your heel, you'll feel it disengaging and you can step off safely.

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