Airline travel - Battery watt hours

  • I need a technical specification sheet on the battery showing the watt hours.
    Airlines are requiring me to identify the watt hours on the battery before allowing flight.
    Qantas requires less than 160. I know that yours is 130 because it is stamped on the board. However, Qantas require to see the watt hours stamped on the actual battery. Can't exactly remove the battery at a checkin counter and that action may even void the warranty?
    Can you make this spec available please?

  • I would be keen on this information too!

  • any info here? Did anyone fly with the OW? Did you take it in carry-on?

  • Did some got this Spec?

  • I wasn't allowed to take on Southwest flight - tried checking bag with onewheel inside (had printed out info and spec sheet with it. Got a call overhead as I was boarding the plane. "TSA found a hoverboard in your bag" --- Well it isn't a Hoverboard... "is it a board ? - Yes... Does it have a battery? - yes... Is it a lithium battery? - yes... THEN IT CAN'T FLY WITH US. - Ok. If you give us a name someone can pick it up at SouthWest ticket counter. Okay thank you... Just saw something on a Boosted ad that sad it was approved for airline travel but no specifics given. Clearly not a Onewheel, but would be great if there was some way around this. I should have tried to ground ship ahead of my trip... but I was also very glad it didn't get "confiscated / not returned" Hope there is another avenue found to travel with oneWheel

  • @911Doug That's so stupid. Look like I'll just have to do road trips now

  • @911Doug So they let you through the security check, then caught up to you in the plane?

  • Shit. Thanks for info. There goes that.

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