Sudden Acceleration

  • I finally figured out why my OW occasionally bursts ahead suddenly then recovers. This only happens at high speed, so I figured I was hitting some hardware or software limit.

    But it turns out, it's terrain induced. Tokyo sidewalks have grooved walking strips for sight empaired people. If they are 2 wide and I run over them perpendicularly at high speed, my OW accelerates quickly for just a moment - feeling momentarily unstable - then recovers. It's unnerving since I didn't know when to expect it.

    So if you see this... I suggest slowing down or crossing at an angle (or just enjoy the sudden adrenaline rush).

  • @jeff8v7 Yes! Those types of things have started popping up all over the place here in California, too. I had to look it up, but I guess it's called "tactile paving" and I've noticed that if I ride too fast over one without being careful, I'll have a similar thing happen. I rode over one in a parking lot a few days ago and suddenly started flying. Nearly lost my balance.

    I think what's happening is we're expecting to just ride over it normally, but it's actually slowing the board down and causing us to lean forward, which in turn causes the board to speed up.

    At least here they're easy to spot, because they're always bright yellow:

  • When people ask, "is it dangerous" I really find this is the only type of thing I find dangerous, which is unexpected dips, or terrain change at high speed which cause unstoppable change in body position instantaneously which causes a acceleration (the physics term) which creates a balance challenge... Depending on how good you are vs how big the terrain challenge you either recover or test your padding.... :)

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