Onewheel accelerating suddenly without reason?

  • Hi OW-ers,

    Some of you also noticed the OW accelerate without reason (or with a reason unknown to me)?

    I am still a kind of newbie on the onewheel (10 days experience), but I noticed already sometimes (3 or 4 times up to now) that while cruising around, the board suddenly accelerates quite hard while i was 'doing nothing'. It feels very different than the pushback I noticed in Classic where my nose slowly keeps going up until you think you have no room for braking anymore(*).

    When it happens, as a reflex I brake the OW to bring it back to the same speed (or a bit lower, since it feels a bit scary and makes me drive less relaxed and therefor maybe slower). I do not know what would happen if I try to follow the board's.acceleration.
    I have no apple, so no app(**), so no idea about speed, exact battery level nor firmware version.

    Have no worries, I still love the machine more and more each day

    *: I did not like that, so stoppped using Classic after day 2
    **: I switch modes 'manually'

  • I found in the beginning when I felt like the board had a mind of its own, invariably it turned out to be a subconscious shift in my body weight that caused the board to respond. With practice, you will find that you have absolute control of the board and it will feel like it is connected to you. I too, switched after day one to extreme and never went back to classic mode

  • Agree with @DocBlock in the beginning you ride very tight. Once you start getting comfortable and feeling loose, you subconsciously start to go quicker...then when you feel the kickback, you snap back to riding tight.....which is probably the whole point of Classic mode to begin with.

    Once you don't need to ride tight, switch to Extreme and never look back.

  • @liekensk If you fight pushback, you can defeat it for a few seconds and the board accelerates forward extremely fast. It can be scary, but usually the board will start to win again. Don't fight pushback.

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