2nd Day of Riding

  • So Ive had my OW for a few days now and I absolutely love it. Didnt get a chance to really use it on the first day cause its pissing rain out here in Edmonton. Got to use it yesterday and today just to kill the battery and see how far I can go with it. Wow does this thing turn heads. Ive noticed that every car that has people under 50 just staring at it. Which is great cause it gives off the attention and in return will get these more on the road up here in Canada (coughcoughSPONSORMEcoughcough).
    Yesterday I wasnt stopped by anyone because I had my headphones on and didnt wanna be disturbed because I wanted to really get the feel of this thing. And what a calf workout lol. Today I decided not to and I was stopped every few minutes which irritating but then again its different. Teenagers and young kids all say the same thing "sick board" "thats awesome" "did i make that myself?" (wont lie i almost wanted to say yes but no). Even a few people in vehicles stopped and asked what it was. Another huge question was how much? Might have scared off some people but hey thats why I like this thing. Wont see too many around which makes it rare in these parts.
    On todays ride though I noticed my OW was acting a bit odd. Im in classic mode and havent changed it (gotta get use to cornering first) and I was moving along just fine when out of no where it was going faster and faster. But the thing was is that I had my nose up and tail down to go slower. I had to jump off the board and let it get its scratches for it to slow so Im curious if thats normal for you guys? my battery life when that was happening was between 35-15% according to the app.

    tl;dr awesome board, was asked lots of questions and given compliments. read last paragraph on a question I have lol.

  • You got to get out a classic mode… It's screws everybody up. If you've riden consistently for a full charge, you're ready for extreme and/or elevated. Don't underestimate how much you can learn from this forum, look back through all the threads, there's tons of valuable info here. Keep your weight centered over the wheel, and ease into speed gradually. Most of all, have fun!

  • Yea I figure everyone will tell me to get out of classic mode. I was only doing it for the learning curve. The speed of extreme Im just not quite ready for and with the issue I had today I wanna make sure it was just cause it was low battery. And yea I have been reading these threads for the past several weeks to make sure I know what I was getting into. Im a pretty avid snowboarder and being the cautious guy I am Im just taking it slow. Yesterdays run was great though as I never laid the OW on its side or anything.

  • @juts Well that's the irony of classic mode, and exactly why we tell beginners not to use it. If you try to go over 5mph, you'll suddenly find yourself flying at speeds a beginner isn't prepared for, and many times the results are really bad. You saw for yourself when you had to bail because of it, and you got lucky.

    It's better, easier, and safer to ride in extreme mode, period.

  • When I flip it over to extreme mode does it keep it in extreme mode or do I have to switch it over everytime when I turn it on??

  • @juts It stays in whatever mode you change it to until you manually change it again.

  • Yeah, listen to @thegreck. I had a post fairly similar to yours just a few days ago. :-)


    And I'm sure if I had searched I would've found a number of similar threads before mine.

    That speed-up is the pushback. I was expecting something different so didn't realize it was in pushback and basically was riding it continuously in pushback mode until the wise folks here edumacated me. I switched to extreme and haven't looked back since (except sometimes I use elevated if I'm doing a lot of offroad and/or hills).

    It's sooooo much nicer and more user-friendly in extreme (IMHO).

  • @nautiboy yea so I was experience push back? I was expecting something else ahaha. Not to go super fast. But with that said. Would my battery level affect it cause at the time I was going pretty slow as there were some teenagers around me and I didnt need one of them to try and knock me down and such

  • @juts Think about if you're in a car and want to make the passengers lean back. If you slam on the brakes, they'll just fly forward. So you speed up. Same idea, but when you're basically balancing on a teeter-totter, pushback doesn't always have the intended result.

  • @thegreck makes sense.

    I just did a quick session on extreme to kfc from my place (roughly 4.5km) and i notice the acceleration and top speed a lot more. I did nosedive once but that was cause i leaned too far forward going up a small hill. Im finding it hard to get a stance just right for me. Its easier to adjust when I was a skateboarder but with this, Im afraid to lift my feet because of the sensor.

  • @juts Yeah, on a skateboard, you can put all of your weight on the front of the board while riding. Doing that on a Onewheel is certain death.

    One thing you might try that I found helps me a lot is practice balancing on the board without activating the motor. Just turn the board on so the wheel doesn't spin freely, then put the foot on the sensor side closer to the edge of the deck so it's not on the sensors. Then try to bring it to level and attempt to stay balanced.

    It's REALLY hard to do, but it'll help you understand where your center of gravity should be when you ride, and to accelerate you only need to shift forward a TINY bit and do the rest of the work with your legs. That way if you do nosedive, you won't be off balance and should be able to just level the board again.

    Keeping the knees bent is key, too. Helps you recover from unseen dips or bumps in the road.

  • @thegreck i was practicing the staying still part when I was at a light waiting to cross the road. That had to keep it still cause I saw bylaw officers coming up lol. But yea im still new to it and after a solid month I know I'll get the hang of it. Pretty sure I'm gonna average about 3 hours a day on this thing just practicing. I wanna work on my balance while going quick so grassy fields for me.
    I ride with my knees bent if I'm gonna be turning otherwise in flat surface I kinda lock them.

  • @juts I didn't say to practice staying in one place, I said to practice balancing on it without the help of the self-balancing mechanism by keeping your foot off the sensors. There's a big difference.

    I just recently started practicing it, and found it to really help me when riding normally, and I've been riding regularly for about five months.

  • @thegreck oh my bad. Yea I'll give that a shot

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