#RaceForTheRail Adventure Pack Giveaway & GoPro Mountain Games

  • Thank you guys!

  • @atl1wheelin Mike Tavares is also @RiverShred on these forums. His Onewheel videos are always inspiring.

  • @thegreck Truly one of the nicest guys around. Perfect ambassador for the sport. Did I just say that "the sport" of onewheel? haha

  • I attended and competed in the event. It was some of the most fun I've ever had on my board! Blake, Jack, Zach, Mike, and Luke were all very very awesome! I will be going again! I would really like to see more of the guys I know from here next time.

  • @J-Glide Awesome! Will you be sharing any videos??

  • @thegreck Probably. I ate it pretty bad, and the guy behind me ran me over. Hahahaha.... He got the whole wreck on his GoPro

  • @J-Glide I kick my self in the ass for not going. I would have competed in the downriver SUP as well as I paddle. So question for you. How much better are those guys on the OneWheel course than you? I have seen some video but just does not seem like they are hauling ass. I could be totally wrong though. I feel like I could have maybe hung with the big dogs but could be wrong.

  • @atl1wheelin Yeah, from what I saw, I feel like the course was too small, and the riders were on top of each other during the competition. I'd like to see a more long-range Onewheel course that's more like a BMX pump-track.

  • @atl1wheelin I'm pretty sure you would have been able to compete. Zach had the track record at 46.6 seconds, and Mike was 47. I was able to pull off a 52.2, and Most of the other guys were 53 or 54 seconds around. I guess you won't ever know if you would have made the time trials this time. You should for sure come out the next time though!

  • @thegreck It was a very tight course. It's hard to see in the video, but there were some other harder obstacles if you went over would give you a time advantage if you took the risk. Still it would have been better to have more room to pass, and for sure longer range. FM was very limited on the track size due to the small piece of property they were given for the event. I think they did the best with what they had available.

  • @J-Glide Absolutely, and I'm stoked to see them getting involved in events like this! I'm sure it'll only get better in the future.

  • We need to get a race going in the southeast some weekend. Build some obstacles or use some single track with some cool man made features.

  • Here's my wreck during the race for rail. Brandon runs my foot over after I go down. ouch!

  • @J-Glide Ouch is right, damn that looks like it hurt..... But so much fun to be there.

  • @J-Glide Youch! Nosedive and shoe loss right before getting your foot run over!

  • @J-Glide What do you think caused the nosedive? I see your front foot way far forward and maybe while trying to turn left, you lifted off the last sensor.

  • @dcosmos People tend to jump to the sensor as the explanation for nosedives, but it's usually just from putting too much weight on the front end. The wheel can only move you if your weight is equally distributed across both footpads. Lean too far forward and it just becomes a catapult of people and shoes.

    Try leveling the Onewheel while you're in grass sometime, then quickly lift your foot up off the NON-sensor side and see what happens. The front end will slam into the ground and the wheel will spin out, but you won't go anywhere. Imagine doing this while going full speed, and that's what happened.

  • @dcosmos @thegreck I was solid on the sensor, but I just pushed the board to its speed limit, and just as I did this there was also a small incline which is hard to see in the video. The combination of speed and incline caused the board to dump me. To clear any confusion, my front foot was on the sensor.
    It makes me laugh to watch it. I thought I was going to be major broken by the time I stopped, but I only ended up with a scraped knee, and hip. I wish I would have wrecked where the people watching could have seen me instead of behind the building.

  • @J-Glide It happens! I've nearly been dumped hitting potholes before, so I imagine it happens a lot when everyone is going for the gold. Or racing for the rail, I should say.

  • @thegreck So true! I was expecting more people to do it too when pushing so hard, but I was the only one. hahaha.....

    And to think I kept telling myself before the race to be med fast, and steady v.s. really fast and on my face. I couldn't help myself.

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